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Comprehensive Outlook Backup Solution

PCVITA comes with a paradigm shift in the world of Outlook Backup solution. Till now backup of Microsoft® Outlook PST file would involve

  • Stop the Microsoft® Outlook.
  • Copying the Outlook PST file to different location.
Whenever user needs data from the backup then copy back from the backup device and then load the PST file to Outlook.

This should be treated as OLD and OBSOLETE technique with the advent of new technologies such as provided by PCVITA. PCVITA provides the most efficient and new technology solution for Outlook backup.

PCVITA Outlook backup solution comes with the following feature
  • Backup the Outlook PST file periodically without stopping Outlook.
  • Reduce the size of Outlook PST file.
  • Search from backup without the need to restore the backup.
  • Search within email attachments.
  • Access the emails in the backup through Outlook addin which is integrated with Outlook.
With PCVITA Outlook Backup solution the user completely is away from the age old tradition instead it can always access the outlook backup emails without any issue such as time consuming effort of loading the backup file and then accessing the data through some search technique.


How Software Works?

System Requirements

64 MB (the more the better)

Pentium II 400 MHz

Operating System:
Vista, XP, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 98

Key Features

  • » Outlook 2003 and 2007 are supported. It supports Unicode only.

  • » You can apply frequency while archiving.

  • » There is an excluded folder feature.

  • » Search is a prime feature of our tool.

  • » You can export Outlook emails to either PST file format or to EML
  • » While the archiving activity is on, you cannot perform the search on it, unless the archiving operation is paused. After pausing, it can be resumed after sometime by clicking "Resume".

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Steve Beckon

"I was impressed with how easy the program is to use. This is the kind of program that everyone should have Check it out."  

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Recent Update


» Email Archive Magic 2.0 allows for adding the orphan PST file as well as configured PST file for archiving.


» Email Archive Magic 2.0 creates backup of archiving emails and also provides search option to search emails from archived PST file.

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