Know How to Export Exchange Mailbox to Outlook

Application Pre-Requisites

Exchange 2007 & Above
  • Make sure MS Outlook (2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/97) should be installed.
  • Check if you have login as administrator on your machine (where tool is running)?
  • Admin account must be impersonated.
Exchange 2003 & Below
  • Make sure MS Outlook (2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/97) should be installed.
  • Check if you have login as administrator on your machine (where tool is running)?
  • Is your machine in the same domain with Exchange server?
  • Have you granted FULL access permission to mailboxes?

step 1

Launch the software "Exchange Export", The user-interface of the software will appear as follows:

step 2

Enter the admin login credentials & select the server version of Live Exchange Server and enter the Active Directory IP & Exchange Server IP and click on "Login" button.

You can check the "Include Sub-Domain User's" field if you want to export mailbox of sub-domain users as well.

step 3

After successful login, the software will generate the mailbox list available in the Exchange Server.

Select the "include Sub-Domain Users" radio button to show the sub domains on the software interface.

The software specifies the mailboxes which are not assigned with Write permission.

The sub-domain users will not be listed if the "Include Sub-Domain User's" field is not selected.

step 4

Here, Select the mailboxes which you want to export using the checkbox corresponding to them and click "Next" button.

step 5

You can check/uncheck the mailbox items which you want to export.

step 6

On the "Mails" option. Select the "Apply Filter(s)" radio button and click on the "Set" button.

step 7

Now, On the date filter provide the date interval according to which the mails will be exported.

step 8

Now, you can choose the "Advanced Settings" for successful Exchange to Outlook migration.
Maintain Folder Hierarchy - This option allows you to maintain the folder hierarchy of folders during the conversion process.
Outlook Required – Check "With Outlook" option if you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your system.
Split Outlook Data File - This option enables you to split PST file after the mentioned file size.

step 9

Click on "Browse" button the destination folder where you want to save the Output data file.

step 10

In the browser window, choose the folder to store PST file. Then click on "OK".

step 11

The destination folder location will appear in the text field. Click on "Export" button to start conversion.

step 12

The progress along with the item count of the mailboxes will be displayed.

step 13

After the completion of export process, the window showing message "Export process completed successfully." will be displayed. Click on "OK" button.