Watch through Screens

Watch the working preview of software and simply follow the steps :

step 1

Install & run the Hard Disk Recovery Software and Home window will appear like this.

step 2

There are two types of scanning options viz. Scan and Formatted Scan

step 3

Select partition and hit Scan button for deleted and corrupted data recovery.

step 4

View complete Scanning progress report

step 5

View all recovered folders in left panel after complete scanning

step 6

Select folder from left panel and view complete data in right panel of software. It also provides Item Count.

step 7

View entire data from selected folder. The deleted files are marked red.

step 8

Now, Select those files or folder you want to recover and Click on Save to start saving selected files.

step 9

Select the location from the Browse for Folder window that appears and then, Click on OK to start Export Process.

step 10

The software will now start the process.

step 11

After completion you will get a Dialog box saying Export process completed successfully. Click on Ok and proceed.

step 12

Formatted Scan - Used in order to View & Recover the data from drives which are formatted accidentally. Click on Formatted Scan to start scanning

step 13

After Formatted Scan the Result is as follows:

step 14

Search Option is also provided to search for desired file as shown below:

From the drop-down list adjacent to On, select search based upon Created, Modified and Last Access

step 15

Now, select the From and To date from the date filter option.

step 16

Enter the file name in the search bar and Click on the search icon. The search process will start.

step 17

After search process completes, search results will be shown.