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How to Migrate Data from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online / On-Premise

step 1

Launch the software, add URLs for source and destination, username, and password. Now click on Get User and then click Save.

Launch the Software

step 2

Click on Connect located on the left side.

Click Connect button

step 3

Enter credentials for the source account and click on Login.

Enter Credentials

step 4

Now, click on the Connect button situated on the right panel.

Connect from Right-panel

step 5

Add Destination account credentials and click on Login button.

step 6

User will get a detailed preview of both the source and destination in the tree structure.

step 7

Either drag and drop from the source to destination or use copy paste options.

step 8

Right click on the desired item from the source module and click on Copy.

step 9

Right click on the destination module and click Paste.

step 10

On next page, select appropriate options for Migration Dates, Migration Permissions, Overwrite Files, Overwrite Folders, Version, etc. Select path on User Mapping File Location option and click OK.

step 11

Progress status of the migration process with detailed information will be shown on the next page. When the migration is done, users will get notified.