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Sharepoint Online Migration Tool


  • Perform SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration Along with MetaData
  • Move Document Library & SharePoint List from One SharePoint Site to Another
  • Effortlessly Migrate Document Sets & Document Folder Without Any Data Loss
  • Execute Batch Migration of SharePoint Sites and Save Time & Efforts
  • Easily Apply Date Filter for Migrating Selective SharePoint Site Content to Another Site
  • Comfortably Map Permission Settings of Source Users With Destination Users
  • Migrate Only New Data from SharePoint Site to Another Site Through Delta Migration
  • Conveniently Stop Ongoing Migration Process In The Middle of The Process
  • Monitor Migration Progress of the Current Process With The Help of In-built Dashboard
  • Generate Detailed and Summary Report After SharePoint Online Migration
  • Software is Compatible With Windows 11 / 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012, 2016

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What All You Can Migrate With The Tool?

Migrate SharePoint Online Site Content to Another Site With Ease

Migrate SharePoint Online Sites

This is an Exemplary SharePoint Migration Tool that can migrate varieties of SharePoint data from one Site to Another by maintaining data integrity. Through the SharePoint Online Migration Tool, you can transfer the following items;

  • Document Set
  • Document Folder
  • Document Library
  • SharePoint List

The extraordinary tools allow you to execute a SharePoint Permission Level Migration. Here you can migrate two types of permissions; User-level permission & Group-level permission.

Note: Just need to make sure that the permission level that you are migrating must be present at the destination.

Remarkable Features – SharePoint Online Migration Tool

Migrate SharePoint Site Components to Another Site With 100% Accuracy

SharePoint Online Migration

SharePoint Online Migration to Another Site

This tool is capable of migrating Generic lists, Document folders, Document libraries, and more from one SharePoint site to another site. It can also transfer the site contents into other Sharepoint sites including Site collection in no time.

Bulk SharePoint Migration

Perform Bulk SharePoint Migration

With the bulk Sharepoint migration facility, it becomes easier for the organizations and administrators to transfer multiple SharePoint data in one go. Through this, the burden of migrating SharePoint data one by one has come to an end.

Map Users and Permissions

Easily Map Users and Permissions

SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migration tool let you map the source users with the destination users. By this, you can ensure that all the permissions granted will also get migrated during the migration process.

Advanced Date Filter

Apply Advanced Date Filter

TThe built-in option i.e. Date Filter allows you to move only the selected data from one SharePoint site to another site. This feature is very helpful and it saves time by migrating only specific data & storage at the destination site.

Stop Migration

Stop Migration Process Anytime

This facility really comes in handy when you want to stop the SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online migration for whatever reason. Just click on the ‘Stop Migration’ option while the process is in In-progress.

Track The Real-time Progress

Track The Real-Time Progress

Through the dashboard available in the SharePoint Online Migration Tool, you can easily keep track of the migration process and check how much data is being migrated from source to destination in real-time.

Re-run Migration

Try Re-Run Migration

Following are three options available for Re-run migration using the tool:

  • Retry Failed Items: favors moving failed items once again.
  • Re-run Full Migration: to migrate complete data again.
  • Delta Migration: to transfer newly-arrived data.

Generate Summary Report

Generate Summary Report

SharePoint Online Migration Tool shows the current progress status of the process. In three different tabs, it shows the pending mailbox, the mailbox that is currently being migrated, and the already migrated mailbox. Also, it notifies users about the completion of the process once the migration is finished.

SharePoint Online Migration Tool Specifications

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Software Download

Size : 132 MB

Version : 6.3.1

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
500 MB of free hard disk space for installation and 20 GB of space to store data

Minimum 8 GB RAM is recommended

Minimum 8 Core Processor

Supported Editions

  • Windows Server - 2012 / 2016, Windows 11 / 10 (64-bit).


  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.8.0 or above must be installed.
  • You must create Service Project on Microsoft Azure Portal. Project Creation Steps
  • SharePoint Site must be created at the destination.
  • The proxy setting should not block the network call.



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Commonly Asked Questions

Questions and Answers Related to SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration

How does this application migrate data from Sharepoint to Sharepoint online?

Sharepoint Online Migration

To perform Sharepoint Migration, follow following 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Download Sharepoint to Sharepoint Migration Tool
  • Step 2: Choose Document Library / Generic List for Migration
  • Step 3: Enter Credentials and Validate Permissions
  • Step 4: Map Source and Destination SharePoint Sites
  • Step 5: Finally, Start SharePoint Online Migration
Yes, you can easily perform bulk SharePoint data migration from source to destination with ease.
Yes, you can easily migrate only Document Library by choosing the required checkbox available under Workload Selection.

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