Free Stepwise Solution to Import Multiple vCard into Thunderbird Address Book!

Now days, most of user search a query in internet that how to import vCard into Thunderbird in bulk. As we all know that Thunderbird can import and Export only single contacts at a time. But this method can take a lot of time to import a huge vCard list and no any direct way to import multiple vCard to Thunderbird. Here is a free solution for this query that will help you adding vCard to thunderbird without any harm. Follow given instructions to send & import all your vCard contacts into thunderbird address book.

  1. Download "MoreFunctionsForAddressBook" plug-in ( Click Here to Download Free ). Save this pug-in name as morefunctionsforAB-TB3-1.0b3.xpi in your system.

  2. Open Thunderbird application, go to menu bar and click on Tools Tab > Click on Add-ons

    open eml with thunderbird

  3. Click on icon>> Go to Install Add-on From File.

  4. Browse the location where 'morefunctionsforAB-TB3-' file is saved in your system >> Select the plug-in file and click on Open button.

    convert eml files to thunderbird

  5. Click on Install Now button. The ' MoreFunctionsForAddressBook' add-on will be installed automatically.

  6. Now Click on Restart Now button to restart the Thunderbird.

    transfer eml files to thunderbird

  7. Click on Address Book icon to open Thunderbird Address Book

    import eml files into thunderbird
  8. Go to menu bar and click on Tools tab >> MoreFunctionsForAddressBook >>Action for contacts >> Import vCard/vcf

  9. Select folder where you have stored all your vCard contacts >> Select all (CTRL+A) >> Click on Open button

  10. You can see that all your vCard contacts imported successfully with all contacts filed

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Free solution to import multiple vCard (.vcf) to Thunderbird address book