Google Apps Docs Backup to Local Computer (PC) or Hard Disk!

Google Apps Docs severs to be most crucial component for business-level collaboration. Google documents frees-up users from local system dependency of Microsoft Office Suit. Superior management with flexible workspace & storage media makes Google Docs more preferable over Office Apps. Whereas, online thefts & hacking makes it compulsory to perform Google Docs Backup in local computer or in desktop application.

PCVITA Google Docs Backup tool stimulates automated backup approach to save Google Docs to hard drive. Downloading & storing documents offline on PC keeping data integrity as it is. Add multiple user groups with multiple backup policies. Highly flexible archiving approach i.e. either select particular day to take backup or store docs after a fixed no. of days or save docs after fixed no. of hours. Archive online Google Apps Documents locally to keep a static record & full-proof evidence for forensic users & business purpose.

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Features to Backup Google Apps Documents Offline

  1. video to store google docs

    Policy Based Backup Scenario
    Set daily, hourly & weekly backup policy and set parameters for archiving. Policy enables to make backup after fixed no. of hours or download docs on particular day or backup after fixed no. of days.

  2. Suspended Backup Support
    Store Google docs locally even if power goes off or anything misshapen. Users can pause the backup process in between & restart storing docs.

  3. Automated Backup of All Docs
    Save Google Docs to your computer automatically by setting up the backup policy. User is needed not to worry, as once the backup policy is set for a particular users or user groups then automatic backup is taken as scheduled.

  4. oAuth Based Backup & Download Multiple User Groups Docs
    Just login from Administrative Account & tool will download & synchronize Google Apps user groups. Thus, there is not need to enter usernames & passwords. Add multiple Groups & set particular backup rule for particular user Group(s).

  5. Fetch Status Reports in From of Logs Details – Monitor Details
    User can monitor documents being downloaded recently. Software Logs gives the details about all Policies applied on user groups with User ID, Group Name, Policy name, Start & Finished Time. Also the archiving done toady & all backup history is displayed.

What User Says...

" Awesome performance of the Google Apps Docs backing up software as it made it possible to download tons of data from multiple user groups. Simplified user interface and few steps to operate the application is the best part. "


- Jordan Waker

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