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Split Lotus Notes Archive, Database & Contacts into Smaller Parts

Today we have different means to communicate or to share data between each other or among any organization. No doubt technology has uplifted our daily life but every facility that servers you in any manner need to be maintain or manage. Similarly IBM Lotus Notes is an email client that facilitate users to share emails, contacts, tasks and lots of other essential data. Lotus Notes manage & Store data into NSF files, but day by day information has been received and sent via lotus notes that will lead to gradually increase in the size of NSF files. Therefore we need a mechanism that not only manage the files appropriately but also helps in work properly. In this Context PCVITA introduced NSF Splitter Tool, the tool splits large NSF files into smaller parts according to size, folder, date and year.

  • Split NSF files including all emails, archives & contacts into multiple parts.
  • Divide NSF files according to Size, Date, Year & Folders.
  • Split lotus notes database even if its password protected.
  • NSF file splitter break large NSF file for Offline IBM Domino Server.
  • IBM Lotus Notes must be installed to split NSF files.
  • NSF File Splitter generate a complete log report for whole splitting process.

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Multi-Dimensional Features of NSF Splitter software

Split Lotus Notes Database
The NSF Splitter tool divide heavy NSF databases including all emails, archives and contacts (names.nsf) file into easy to manage smaller parts. The software perform splitting of lotus notes database in a secure and non-destructive manner.

Split NSF in 4 different ways
Lotus notes archive splitter support four different and unique methods to split heavy NSF files into smaller ones i.e

  • Split by Size
  • Split by Folder
  • Split by Date
  • Split by Year

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Trim Protected NSF Files
Divide Large NSF files into smaller chunk even for the files which are password protected & encrypted. Thus the NSF splitter tool is not bounded with any security restriction associated with NSF file which hinder its operation.

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Maintain Data Integrity
Split NSF file software split lotus notes NSF file in a manner that it will not affect the original attributes and metadata associated with emails. The software maintain the file integrity intact before and after the splitting process.

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Display Status
NSF File Splitter display the live status of the file being divided, the software will generate a complete report in CSV format which contain the information like folder path, size and differences before and after splitting the NSF files.

A Multifunction NSF Splitter Tool

NSF Splitter software allow users to Split NSF file according to four different ways that is been briefly discussed here:

  • Split NSF by Size

    This option allow you to split large NSF files into smaller ones according to size. Here the user need to specify the size of smaller chunks ranges from 5 MB to 10 GB. The Software will then trim the NSF with the specified size accordingly to reduce the size of NSF files.

  • Split NSF by Folder

    This options helps you to create separate new NSF file for each folder and thereafter allow you to split according to the size. For example inbox.nsf files is create for inbox folder and outlox.nsf file is created for outbox folder accordingly then you can filter these files according to size further.

  • Split NSF by Date

    NSF Split software support splitting of NSF file according to the date range. Here you just need to specify the date range "From date" to "To date" and the software will filter out NSF file according to the specified range.

  • Split NSF by Year

    You can fragment the NSF file into small pieces according to year also, the software ask for year range and create one NSF file for each year. For example if you input year in the range of 2013-2016 then the software will create 4 NSF files for each year.

NSF Splitter Tool – Brief Technical Overview

  • Split NSF File for All Lotus Notes
    The NSF Splitter tool effectively divide large NSF file belonging to any version of Lotus Notes. Software support Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.0, 8.5, 7, 6 and all below versions.
  • Split Lotus Notes Archives for All Domino Server
    You can Split NSF file of any version of Domino sever provided that domino server is in offline mode i.e user can fetch NSF files from domino server to local System having Lotus Notes client installed and then start with Splitting operation accordingly
  • Split NSF files on any Window OS
    The NSF file splitter tool is compatible with any version of window OS as software has no compatibly issue related to window OS. Software successfully runs on latest window 10, 8, 7 and all below version irrespective of 32 & 64 bit.
  • Support Splitting of All types of NSF
    As we all are quite known to different types of Lotus Notes NSF files such as mailbox.nsf, archive.nsf and names.nsf. Software allow spltting of each and every type of NSF file efficiently and reliably without losing a single bit of data.

NSF Splitter – Free Trials & Download

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Demo version of NSF Splitter Software will export only first 15 emails for Splitting NSF File by Size, Date & Year and for split by folder, demo version will export first 15 mails of each folder

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Frequently Asked Customer Queries

Does this Software support latest windows 10 version?

Yes PCVITA NSF Splitter tool support latest windows 10 without any complexity.

Can I Split password protected NSF file with this tool?

Yes you can split password protected or encrypted file with NSF file splitter.

Is this software split NSF file under live domino server environment?

No, Domino server should be offline to carry out split operation of NSF files.

Great tool I have tried its free demo version and I completely satisfied by its features. Looking forward to buy fully featured licensed version of this tool. Using this tool I can manage my NSF files easily and efficiently. Thanks to the entire team of PCVITA

— Christy Haus, Canada

I always find managing multiple NSF file chaotic as I have to look for data from these files on a regular basis. Then I got to know about PCVITA NSF merge tool that help me considerably in managing these file into a single file.

— George Virks, United States