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PCVITA Split Magic™

PCVITA Split Magic

Ver: 2.1

Split Outlook PST File by Date, Size, Year to Get Benefits!

Large sized PST files can hamper the speed of Outlook greatly. Also, in ANSI PST of older Outlook versions (97, 2000, 2002), there are chances of corruption if any PST file exceeds the 2 GB file size limit as Outlook does not support any ANSI PST beyond 2 GB. Thus, PCVITA Split Magic tool can be used to split large PST file into smaller sized PST files without affecting original pst file.

  • Split PST file by Date, Size and Yearly (current year 2015 is supported)
  • Split all folders (inbox, sent items, drafts, deleted items or any user defined folder)
  • No 2gb file size limit, split any sized pst file (file should be healthy)
  • Creates proper splitting reports and keeps same folder hierarchy
  • Allows splitting of MS Outlook 2013 (32-bit), 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 97 PST file

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Multi-Dimensional Features of PST Splitter software

Splitting PST file with ease has a new name and it is PCVITA Split Magic software. PCVITA, a name not new in this domain, has come to the forefront once again with its highly user-friendly tool. Any software developed at PCVITA always accompanies utter ease & comfort, and you enjoy using it without even a small granule of difficulty. You enjoy not just ease with Split PST tool, but you also enjoy many other product attributes like speed, accuracy, low cost, safety, efficiency and the list is long.

Split Large Attachments Outlook 2010 – Best Way to Split PST

Reserve Original File Metadata & Attachments
PST splitter software will retain accurate Metadata - to, from, cc, bcc, attachments & appointments. This utility retains true file properties after cracking huge files.

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Original Folder & Files Sequence
PST breaker application maintains exact folder hierarchy of entire PST files & folder while trimming Outlook data files in numerous tiny fragments.

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Separate All Mailbox Items into Fragments
PST splitter software can split Outlook PST mailbox folders including Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Drafts, personal folders etc.

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Tear Oversized & Corrupted PST Files
PST divider program capably support to trim bulky & outsized PST into several small parts. Also cut corrupted & damaged PST into many parts accordingly.

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Truncate All Microsoft Outlook Items
You can split all Outlook PST file folder items like emails, contacts, calendars, journal, tasks, notes, to-do lists, journals, address book etc using this PST cutter tool.

A Multiway PST Splitter Tool

Another benefit that you will get after you divide PST file into smaller parts is with the increased speed and performance of your application, which was slow due to the presence of large sized PST file. You get three PST splitting options with PCVITA Split Magic software.

  • Split PST Files by Size: Split PST file by size option lets you split selected PST file according its size. Suppose you have 1.5 GB PST file and you choose 512 MB from Size field, then this PST split tool will split that file into 3 smaller 512 MB parts. You can split PST file by size 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB & 4GB parts.
  • Split PST File by Date: Split PST file by date option lets you split the PST file by a selected date. If you choose a date, this pst splitter software will split selected PST file into two parts, one PST for before the chosen date & second for after it.
  • Split PST File by Year: Split PST file by year option allows you to split the PST file year by year wise. For example: if you select the year range from 1997 to 2005 then you will get 9 PST file for every years separately. Software supports year range from 1990 to 2015.

PST Splitter Tool – A Technical Overview

  • Split Outlook PST File – Unicode & ANSI Both
    This PST splitter tool is able to split Outlook archive file of any MS Outlook versions which means you can either split ANSI archived PST file or Unicode archived PST file.
  • Split Multiple PST File Types
    Split PST software can split Outlook.PST file as well as split Outlook Archive.PST file by numerous splitting options. Split PST software can also split Outlook distribution list.
  • Entire Outlook Version Support
    Our PST splitter tool can split PST file Outlook 2003 and also can split PST file Outlook 2007 as well as split file Outlook 2010. PST splitter software is too compatible with Outlook 2002, 2000, 98 & 97.
  • Windows Operating System Well Supported
    Split PST software is able to split PST file on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2008, ME, NT OS. Effectively run PST splitter software on all Windows supported systems.

Outlook PST Breaker Software – Free Trials & Download

Freely Downloadable Product
Download Free Trial Version of MS Outlook PST File Splitter program that split PST file first 50 items free of cost. Free software utility gives users an opportunity to get familiar with product features that later can buy confidently.

Get Full Version of Split Magic Tool - Cost Effectively
To split ALL Outlook mailbox PST items of selected PST file, you must purchase the Full Version of PCVITA Split Magic software available at $49 only. Pay only a small value to get such a unbeatable tool that can break PST into numerous fragments.

Advanced Free Services to Break PST File

Important to Note: The service (Repairing corrupt or oversized PST files) is FREE if you purchase the Full Version of PCVITA Split Magic software. In case, you just want this service and you don't want to purchase the software, then it will be chargeable. For Free service, contact us support@pcvita.com

Best PST Divider Application to Solve Generally Encountered Problems

If you split large PST file into several smaller PST files, you will prevent your ANSI PST from reaching the 2GB limit and will thus prevent corruption.

  • Outlook 2010 outlook.pst file has already reached maximum limit.
  • Outlook 2007 Unknown Error Occured - Outlook .PST Cannot be Opned 0x80040116
  • PST file is oversized, the operation failed an object could not be found
  • Errors have been found in the file Outlook.pst - Outlook 2010. Quit entire mail-enabled application.
  • Outlook 2007 PST file cannot be accessed .data error of cyclic redundancy check
  • Cannot Synchronize pst file
  • Outlook 2002 PST file size not reducing after archiving
  • Change maximum pst file size Outlook 2007
  • Cannot open pst file outlook 2000
  • The Outlook.pst file is used by another program and cannot be accessed
  • Unable to deliver the message to 'abc', error code: 0x80040116

I was impressed with how easy the program is to use. This is the awesome software in order to split PST file with more splitting options. Support was also excellent. PCVITA support professionals were very active and they guided about each and every problems. I am very thankful to PCVITA support and developer team both.

— Hilfen Haus, Canada

Due to massive amount of email attachments in my mailbox the chances of PST corruption were always present. Thanks to PCVITA Split Magic tool through which I can easily manage my personal folders. Now, I have not to worry about losing all my stuff due to PST corruption.

— Michael Virks, United States