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vCard Importer software designed by PCVITA, offers facility to perform bulk import vCard contacts to Outlook process, also offers facility to export bulk Outlook contacts to vCard (VCF files), performs importing and exporting both at high speed, keeps all fields and attachments of contacts accurate during the process to import vCard to Outlook, provides support for all MS Outlook editions, and runs smoothly in all Windows versions.

Take a Free Trial of vCard Importer Software

Don’t just take this in words that Batch vCard Importer is one of best vCard Importer software solutions but, try it yourself with Free Demo Version that will provide you the facilities to, 1) Import 5 VCF into Outlook contacts, and 2) Export 5 Outlook contacts to vCard format. As this free demo version offers you limited facilities, we recommend you to Buy Full Version, which is available for $ 49 only.

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Starting @ 49 USD

vCard Importer- The Best VCF to Outlook Contacts Conversion Tool

video importing vcard to outlook
  1. Automatically matches the fields of contacts during import process
  2. Performs bulk importing of VCF files into Outlook with quality
  3. Also provides facility to import group vCard to Outlook

How vCard Importer Software Works?

  • First off, it gets initialized by user (Very Obvious).
  • Once it gets started, it asks the user, whether he wants to transfer vCard contacts to Outlook or he wants to transfer Outlook contacts to vCard (Very Easy).
  • When user selects what he wants to do, say he wants to import multiple vCard to Outlook, this vCard to Outlook importer software provides him the option to select VCF files folder (bulk vCard import export).
  • Just after this, when user selects the vCard files folder, this vCard Importer software starts importing vCard to Outlook contacts folder (Quick Results).
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vCard Importer

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