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Add Watermark to PDF Files – PDF Text / Image Watermarking Technique

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add watermark to pdf

This article directs an easy mechanism to add watermark to PDF files effortlessly. Do you find online applications easy to perform watermarking when you have many PDF files? I think it would become a horrible case. So read the article below to know a simple formula to easily add PDF watermark for free.

Watermark is a simple process that stamps a text or an image above the page. This stamp is placed even above the contents of the page. It restricts the fellow user to copy and edit the data. This prevents the file from any form of digital moderation.

Where Does a Watermark Become a Requirement?

The Business Executes usually need to share their data among their fellow teammates. This becomes a dilemma when important data needs to be shared. At this time a watermark can be helpful. The watermark imposed on the document will ensure that the data is safe and secure. Moreover, the receiver will make sure that the document is maintained if you add watermark to PDF.

In some cases, a watermark helps as a remark to the document without checking the whole file. For Example, a SAMPLE or Draft Watermark defines the state of the PDF document. A Draft text watermark over a PDF defines that the file is incomplete and will have additions. While the Sample Watermark denotes that the file is not finalized and is just the demo documentation. It needs approval. Thus, apart from securing the document, a watermark delivers a message to its fellow users.

This can deliver you the requirement of watermarking important documents. Now we shall get to the process that will insert text and image watermark on a PDF document.

Add Watermark to PDF File – A Unique Technique

The method we are discussing here is a free process to execute. It will add a free watermark to PDF file effortlessly. The application that takes all the effort for watermarking PDF documents for free is the PDF Watermark Creator Software. It provides the facilities to include any form of text and image watermark on a PDF file. In addition, to make the processing time-efficient, there is a facility to add watermark to multiple PDF files through batch processing.

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Steps to Add Watermark in PDF Document

Step 1: Download and Install PDF Watermark Adder.

pdf watermark adder

Step 2: Click on Watermark and choose for text or image watermark.

choose pdf watermark type

Step 3: Add files to add watermark to PDF.

add pdf files for watermarking

Step 4: Enter text or include the image for a watermarking free PDF file.

position watermark on pdf

Step 5: Browse a location to save the PDF and click on the Generate button.

add watermark to pdf files

This is it. Now all the PDF files will add the watermark and will be saved at the destination location. Some features offered within this facility are shared downside. Get down to know the method in depth.

Features of PDF Watermark Generator Tool

The PDF Watermark Adder is an exclusive utility to freely add watermark to PDF files. It has many features to make the watermark unique and at the same note extraordinary for the PDF users. Here are some of the features of this tool. Please have a note in this section.

Add Text Watermark to PDF:

The application calls to the best application to fill a watermark on a free PDF file effortlessly. The application allows adding watermark to PDF in a text format. The text can have any combination of characters and can have any length set to stand as a watermark on the PDF file.

Add Image as Watermark in PDF:

Another important facility applicable using the tool is the addition of an image watermark. The PDF Watermark Tool easily opens up to insert an image watermark to the PDF file. The utility supports to include an image with PNG, JPG, GIF format to be set as a watermark.

Scale Image to Fit in Position:

Some images can be bigger in size than the page. Thus, there is a facility to scale the image and fit it to the position of image watermarking.

Customize Text Watermark:

The application does add watermark to PDF in text format. To make the watermark look unique at all times, there is a facility to customize the text watermark. This customization includes the setting of Font size and color. You can change the font size set to 8 (by default) and any other size. Also, there is a facility to change the color of the text watermark from Black to other colors.

Opacity of Watermark on PDF:

To make the content viewed clearly, the watermark should be placed accordingly. For this, the tool offers to change the transparency settings for the watermark. The transparency is set to 40%. You can change it accordingly as you need it.

These are some of the features of the application to fulfill the PDF watermarking task easily and effectively. You know there are many who search for PDF watermarking tools and go behind the online applications. But this application is far above all among them. It does not require effort and time for watermarking free PDF files. It is simple to use and efficient at work.

Final Thoughts

The above article is about a creative application that will solve all the issues regarding free watermarking of PDF files. The unique facility discussed above showcases some attractive functions that tend the PDF users to use it for free PDF watermarking. Thus if you need to add watermark to PDF files, you can use it and effortlessly watermark your PDF files.

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Common Queries

Q: How do I add a watermark on PDF file for free?

Simple Steps to Add watermark to PDF for Free
Step 1: Run PDF Watermark Adder and open the PDF.
Step 2: Customized the watermark and browse location to save.
Step 3: Click Generate to add watermark on PDF.