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How to Take Off Watermark from PDF Documents to Enhance Quality

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On July 11th, 2023
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article is a study on how to take off watermark from PDF document. It gives away a perspective on the proven methods that deliver 100 per cent success with no data loss after the process. So, PDF users in need to take out watermarks have a great comparison of a few methods they can perform for easy deletion of watermarks in PDF.

Watermark is the best technique to display the status of a document. The watermark delivers various forms of a message to the fellow handling it. It is very easy to add text or image watermark to PDF. But in some situations, the watermark needs deletion due to a cause.

The watermark removal cause could be any, but if the deletion process is not safe then it could even take off the information with the watermark. So we are here, to give some outstanding methods that will get you all a good perspective on how to take off watermark from PDF file.

Methods For Removing Watermark From PDF Files

As we started with the cause only the proven methods with successful results are only being discussed here. Thus, we haven’t taken any online methods as they require a stable internet connection. The methods are listed below

  1. PDF Watermark Deletion Tool –  The most reliable tool to quickly execute the process
  2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – A Subscription-based application that provides multiple features to manage your documents.

We have elaborated on each of the methods to delete logos from digital documents in the upcoming sections. Please check out the best methods that will help you take out all forms of watermarks in a PDF file.

Take Off Watermark from PDF Using Effective Solution

PDF Watermark Remover tool is a very popular application that has been in the market helping out many PDF users to clear their PDF and delete watermark from PDF. The PDF files as normal or protected are processed here and you can take out the text/image logos from the PDF.

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The process taken here is very simple and includes a few steps.

Steps to Eliminate Logo (Text/ Image) From PDF Files

1. Download and Run the tool to remove watermark from PDF document.

how to take off watermark from pdf

2. Add PDF Files for removing logos(Text/images) from Adobe PDF files. 

loading PDF files

3. Browse the location to save PDFs in a new location by selecting the Change option. Also, consider choosing the option to save the file or print them without a watermark.  

set the destination to save PDF

4. Now Preview the outcome of the files selected, then hit the Remove button.

how to take off watermark from pdf

This will remove watermark from PDF document and also save them at a new location on your system. Users, please note that this option gives 100 per cent results, but it will work only on the Windows system.

Now we explore the next method and find how to take off watermark from PDF using the famous Adobe Acrobat.

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Delete Text or Image Logo PDF Files Using PDF Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat is an application of the Adobe library that works over PDF files. One functionality it includes is the watermark deletion option. This utility is famous throughout the world and it is best to work on PDF files. The users who use Adobe Acrobat know that it is not free useable. A subscription plan is to be activated to properly function the watermark removal process.

If you don’t have the license, the application won’t process to remove watermark from PDF document.

Steps to Take Off Watermark from PDF Files

  1. get the License/subscription and Run Acrobat DC.
  2. Go to Tools and choose the Edit PDF option.
  3. Click on the More option and select the Watermark option.
  4. Select the Remove Watermark option.
  5. Now add PDF files to take out the watermark.
  6. Select a new location for processed PDF from the Output options and click OK.

This will start the process and you will have all the PDFs cleared off the watermark. This application also gives the option to work with protected PDF files. Only the issue is you will have to enter the protection password of each PDF to take out a watermark from PDF.

Common Questions Asked

Q1. I have PDF files which are restricted, it is possible to remove the watermark using this tool?

Yes, the software, explained above is capable to eliminate the logos from the secured PDF files easily. 

Q2. Is there any size restriction when using the Software?

No,  the tool does not impose any size limitation, you can insert multiple/large files. 

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Final Thoughts

Users who are in the dilemma of choosing a reliable option to delete watermark from PDF can read this article. This shows up some proven and verified results that can help any PDF user with logo deletion in PDF. The common query that the PDF user asks, that is, how to take off watermark from PDF is given some amazing methods to try.