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DIY Tutorial: How to Change/Remove PDF Security Settings?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On May 1st, 2024
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading
Today’s world, we prefer PDF format because they’re great for keeping documents neat and organized. But sometimes, these PDFs have security settings that stop us from copying, editing, printing, etc. It can be annoying when you need to work with a PDF but can’t because of these restrictions. Fortunately, there are ways to remove PDF security settings, giving you more control over your documents. Here we are going to explore the same!

List of Topics Explained in this Article:

Explaining: How to Change PDF Security Settings

PDF files are widely used for exchanging data among applications and end-users. It has been seen that many times users have secured PDF documents on which they are unable to perform any task. It could copy, edit, sign, print, comment, or any other task. These action files can also be protected for opening or viewing. Security settings on PDF documents do not allow users to perform any action on PDF files hence, they want to remove restriction from PDF files.

But, everyone doesn’t need to want to modify PDF security settings, there are many who just only want to change PDF file security permissions like:

1- Restricting PDF printing/ editing and enabling content copying

2- Adding document open password

3- Changing the permission password

4- Encrypting the document contents

Therefore, considering both things we came up with this write-up and provided the best solution to remove and edit PDF file security settings.

Direct Solution to Remove PDF Security Settings

There are two types of PDF security settings one is user level and the other one is owner level. If the file has user-level password security then it can’t be opened without entering the correct password. On the other hand, owner-level secured PDF files have restrictions like signing, commenting, etc.

Now, to remove both types of security settings from PDF files permanently use PDF File Restriction Remover Software. This tool will allow users to remove owner-level permissions from Adobe PDF documents. Moreover, it can efficiently change PDF security settings like editing, printing, copying, signing, etc can be easily removed by the tool. 

Users don’t need to worry about the file size limit because the utility supports working for large size of PDFs. Plus, it can also unsecure Adobe PDF without password.

Steps to Disable PDF Security Settings Permanently

Perform these steps when you want to remove PDF document security settings:

1- Launch and run the software to remove PDF security settings.

remove PDF security settings

2- Then with the help Add Files/Folder option start inserting the PDF files Select the secured PDF & click the OK button.

inserting PDF files

Note: The software will request you to enter the password if the file is having document open password security. Otherwise, proceed further.

3- Select or mark any of the options to Save or Print the PDF files. Select the destination location by clicking the Browse button.

set the location and choose to save or print PDF

4- Finally, click the “Unlock PDF” button to change PDF security settings and disable the securities applied to it.

hit on unlock button

5- As soon as the software removes PDF security settings, a confirmation message will be displayed.

remove PDF security settings

By following the steps one can learn how to disable PDF file security settings. But, if someone wants to change it then, they can read the next section.

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Is it Possible to Remove PDF Security Settings with Adobe Reader?

No, Adobe Reader does not allow users to change or edit PDF file security settings. It is a free application that can be downloaded for free & can only be used to view PDF files. But, if anyone wants to edit or modify PDF security settings, then they must have Adobe Acrobat Pro. The full version of this Acrobat application can be used to change PDF security permissions. Therefore, to know the complete process go through the next section.

Method to Edit or Change PDF Security Settings Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

1- Open the Adobe PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

2- Click on the Properties option & click the Security tab.

3- After that click on the “Change Settings” button which is next to “Password Security”.

4- Now, Adobe Acrobat will ask you to enter the permission password.

5- After that, you can remove PDF security settings. i.e.

edit pdf file security settings

  • Add document open password.
  • Restrict PDF for editing, printing, etc.
  • Change the permission password.
  • Set compatibility i.e. Acrobat 6.0 and later, Acrobat 7.0 and later, and Acrobat X and later.
  • Encrypt all document contents.
  • Encrypt all documents except metadata.
  • Encrypt only file attachments.

Users can select any of these options to change PDF file security permissions.

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Bottom Lines

I hope after reading this write-up you learned how to remove PDF security settings. Users’ requirements could be any, either they want a solution of how to change PDF security settings completely or just need to disable them. Therefore, to resolve this query we have described both manual and professional solutions to disable the restrictions applied. Users can select any one of them as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Common Queries

Q 1. Why do users need to remove PDF security settings?

Ans. Sometimes, PDF is restricted with editing, copying, or printing protections. In that scenario, the user has to clear the rules to access the files.

Q 2. How can I remove PDF security settings?

Ans. Various methods are available to remove PDF security settings, including online tools, specialized software, or Adobe Acrobat Pro. But with online tools or manual solutions, you need a proper persimmon password to unlock the documents. Whereas acquiring the specified smart solution gets rid of any restrictions from the PDF.

Q 3. Can I remove security settings from any PDF file?

Ans. Yes, one can clear any type of protection whether it is user-level or owner-level, using the mentioned automated solution can efficiently remove any type of protection from numerous PDFs simultaneously.

Q 4. Will removing PDF security settings affect the quality of the document?

Ans. No, the smart utility maintains the integrity & formatting of the PDF data throughout the task.

Q 5. Is there a risk of damaging the PDF file when removing security settings?

Ans. When using reputable tools or software, the risk of damaging the PDF file is minimal.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.