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How to Archive Gmail Emails in Outlook with Attachments?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 1st, 2024
Reading Time 7 Minutes Reading

Summary:- Either running out of Gmail storage or shifting from Gmail, there are several reasons to archive Gmail emails in Outlook. In this write-up, we will explain the methods to save Gmail emails in Microsoft Outlook. For the same, read the step-by-step guidance to learn the different methods to archive Gmail emails with attachments in Outlook.

Gmail is a renowned webmail and is considered the professional’s favored email solution for managing email messages. On the other hand, Outlook is yet another email service that offers an intuitive platform for organizing emails. With this, users can easily use the integrated features offered by the Outlook application.

With this, let’s move ahead to resolve the query of how to archive Gmail emails in Outlook. Before unfolding the solutions, let’s first list the needs of users behind archiving the email in Outlook.

Find Common Reasons to Get Gmail Emails in Outlook Application

Here, we will explain the need to backup Gmail emails in Outlook. As we have already mentioned Microsoft Outlook is offered a robust solution to seamlessly manage email data. Now, let’s understand the archive Gmail emails in Outlook.

  • Often the reason behind switching from one email service to another includes the quest for searching for better services. Moreover, Outlook offers a unified search feature that significantly enables users to easily organize Gmail emails.
  • Microsoft Outlook allows flawless integration from the Outlook application to its other services. With this, users can easily share and access the information in Word, OneNote, Excel, etc.
  • Lastly, archiving Gmail emails in Microsoft Outlook leverages users to secure confidential data locally. In addition, it eliminates the fear of accidental deletion of data. Further, it adds another layer of security to access the emails.

In a nutshell, many of you have the same desire behind archiving the emails. Now, let’s move ahead to understand the methods to get Gmail emails in Outlook with attachments.

Use Manual Guide to Archive Gmail Emails in Outlook

Previously, we have highlighted the advantages of saving Gmail emails in Microsoft Outlook. Here, we will unfold the step guidance to access the Gmail webmail in Outlook manually. Let’s begin the process:-

Prerequisite:- The pre-directions behind using the manual guide include IMAP-enabled protocol and installation of Outlook application on your system.

  • Steps to Enable IMAP
  1. Sign to your Gmail webmail.
  2. Hover on the gear icon i.e. Settings > then, select See all Settings.
  3. Go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section.
  4. In the “IMAP access” category, click on Enable IMAP.
  5. Hit the “Save Changes” button.
  • Setup Gmail Account in Microsoft Outlook

After enabling the IMAP protocol in Gmail, users need to configure the same account in the Outlook application. Now, let’s delve into discover the steps:-

  1. Launch Outlook on your system.
  2. Navigate to “File” then, “Add Account”.
  3. Here, insert the email address of Gmail and then, select “Connect”.
  4. Now, complete the process of configuration, add Gmail login credentials.
  • Create a Separate Folder in Outlook

To get Gmail emails in Outlook, create a new folder for Gmail emails. For the same, follow the steps:-

  1. After configuring Gmail in Outlook, right-click on the configured Gmail account.
  2. Now, “New Folder” and then, name folder > press OK.
  • Move/ Archive Gmail Emails in Outlook

Lastly to save Gmail emails in Microsoft Outlook then, read the below steps:-

  1. Go to the configured Gmail account in Outlook.
  2. Select the required emails to archive.
  3. Now, right-click > Move > select “Copy to Folder” > OK.

By implementing these steps, users can archive Gmail emails with attachments in Outlook. In addition, users need to continuously perform the same steps to get the email in MS Outlook. Unfortunately, this manual solution holds major difficulties and challenges. Therefore, let’s move ahead to list them.

Primary Drawbacks in Manual Approach

  • If you have found the manual steps to get Gmail emails in Outlook—tiresome, lengthy, and problematic. Then, you’re alone in the queue. For both untrained and skilled eyes, following these steps are quite challenging.
  • The free approach retains the major prerequisite direction as users need to install Outlook email client on their system. In the absence of an Outlook environment, users can’t perform the above solution.
  • It is a repetitive process, hence, users need to implement the same steps frequently till the completion of the process. Due to these major limitations, the use of a manual solution isn’t recommended to archive Gmail emails in Outlook.

Expert Solution to Get Gmail emails in Outlook with Attachments

In the previous section, we talked about the manual process in detail. The free solution holds key difficulties. Therefore, count on expert-favored solutions. Use PCVITA Gmail Backup Tool; one of the seamless solutions to batch archive Gmail emails in Outlook with attachments. In addition, it is recognized as a standalone utility to backup and save Gmail emails in Microsoft Outlook from single/ multiple accounts.

In addition, the key features of this tool include saving the selective folders and the option to apply an email filter. Most importantly, the installation of Outlook is not necessary during the archiving process. Now, let’s move on to learn the steps of an automated tool.

Steps Guidance of Automated Tool to Archive Gmail Emails in Outlook

Note:- To run the software, enable IMAP and generate the “app-password” from Gmail webmail.

  1. Launch the above tool on your machine.
    add login details
  2. Enter the credential > Login.
    select PST file format
  3. Click on the “PST” file format from “Select E-mail Format”.
    choose category
  4. Now, choose the required category from the “Select Category” option.
    browse location
  5. Next, click on “Browse” to save the resultant file.
    click on apply filter
  6. Move to “Apply Filter” to add the necessary filter.
    click on Start box
  7. Now, press the Start button.
  8. Lastly, users can import the PST file in Outlook.

Robust Features of Expert Suggested Tool

  • It is a secure utility to get Gmail emails in Outlook with all attachments and email attributes. Besides this, users can even backup the data of calendars, drives, contacts, etc.
  • Using this software, users can meticulously manage the exact folder hierarchy and structure. In addition, it is an all-in-one tool to archive Gmail emails in Outlook with an entire mailbox.
  • This tool offers an advanced email filter solution that enables users to easily extract selective data using the different modes. Hence, use automated solutions for flawless migration of data.


In this article, we have explained two approaches to archive Gmail emails in Outlook. After addressing the major drawbacks of manual solution. Therefore, use the expert-suggested software as it is a fast and secure method to save the entire mailbox of Gmail in Outlook without any data loss.


Q1. How do I archive emails from Gmail to Outlook?
Since manual solutions are complex, use the expert-suggested Gmail Backup Software to easily archive emails in Outlook. Here is the step guidance:-

  1. Launch the aforementioned tool on your machine.
  2. Add login details and hit Login.
  3. Choose the export file type i.e. PST and then, click on desired categories.
  4. Press the Start.

Q2. Can I batch save old Gmail emails in Outlook?
Yes, users can easily archive old emails from Gmail to any version of Outlook using the above-suggested automated tool.

Q3. Can I save emails from multiple Gmail accounts to Outlook?
Yes, this software allows you to take backups and export from single or multiple Gmail accounts to Outlook.