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The Best Possible Way to Convert Excel Spreadsheet to iPhone Contacts

Aisha ~ Modified: 03-Jan-2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading
Having a large number of contacts in an Excel spreadsheet? Can we convert excel spreadsheet to iPhone contacts? Looking for some smart approach to import Excel file? If you are also having such questions in mind, then you have reached the right place. This blog will let you all know the best possible solutions for the same.

Microsoft Excel has always been considered a better place to manage a large number of contacts. However, the contact list is always the biggest valuable asset in any business so, it needs to be managed in a proper way. Having a proper track of all contacts everywhere you go has become the topmost requirement of people. Therefore, users mostly query how to import contacts for faster access to them whenever required is answered here.

A Reliable Approach to Convert Excel Spreadsheet to iPhone Contacts

MS Excel stores all contacts either in XLSX or XLS format, which is not supported by any mobile device. This is the reasons users looking for methods that let them export contacts from Excel to iPhone. Before discussing the proper solution for the same, let me make one thing very clear that there is no direct solution available to do it. In order to import file to iPhone contacts, a user needs to follow the steps of instructions discussed below:

Part 1: How to Save Excel Spreadsheet to CSV Format?

By default, Microsoft Excel saves the spreadsheet in XLS or XLSX format but offer several other options also. As these two formats are not supported by iPhone so, a user is suggested to save Excel spreadsheet in CSV format. Now, to do the same, follow below-mentioned steps to start the process to convert Excel spreadsheet to iPhone contacts:

  1. Open the spreadsheet containing contact list that you want to move to iPhone
  2. After that, go to File tab and choose Save As an option
  3. Then, in Save as type section, you need to select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) option
  4. Now, give any desired name to your spreadsheet in the File name: section
  5. At last, click on the Save button to complete the process

Now, once you have your CSV file, follow the method to export these files as vCard format.

Part 2: How to Convert Excel Spreadsheet to iPhone Contacts After Conversion?

After saving Excel sheet in CSV format, a user needs to convert it to vCard or VCF format. However, a user can do it manually also with help of import and export features of Windows Contacts. But, there are limitations of using it, which are listed below:

  • It creates vCard with version 2.1. that is not supported by iCloud
  • It generates separate VCF file for each contact in CSV file.
  • Managing & moving large number of vCard files becomes difficult

The Professional Tool

To avoid all such limitations, a user is suggested to take help of some professional solution. The tool to transfer Excel contacts to iPhone for Windows is an amazing application for the same purpose. It will easily convert CSV to VCF format in no time. The software is tested with 40,000+ contacts and works perfectly so, the number of contacts can be converted limitation. For complete data migration, a user can map CSV file attributes with vCard attributes via Mapping option.

Moreover, the three different vCard versions (v2.1., v3.0., v4.0.) offered by the tool, a user can choose any of them for final output. A user is allowed to create a single VCF file also for all contacts. By default, the software will create a separate VCF file for each contact during the process to convert Excel spreadsheet to iPhone contacts.

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How to Convert Excel Spreadsheet to iPhone Contacts Via Tool?

Following are the steps for it: 1. Download the wizard and click on the Browse button to navigate to the files. excel-to-vcard

2. Select the files and click on the Open button. The tool will start scanning the data. Hit Next once done.


3. Match the Excel Fields with the vCard Fields, press Add and click on the Next button.


4. Mark the options as per your convenience and choose the vCard version. Click on the Change option to set a destination path and hit Convert. 


You will see that your data files containing the contacts have been converted and exported as VCF files carefully on your decided location. Now, to import these to iPhone, go through the next segment.

Part 3: Import Result to iPhone via iCloud

After receiving iCloud supported vCard, a user is suggested to import it to iPhone by following the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you have to log in into iCloud account
  2. Next, click on the Contacts option from the home page
  3. After that, go to the Gear icon and choose Import vCard option
  4. Then, you can Browse the exported vCard and click Open button to import it
  5. Now, go to the destination location of resultant .vcf file and verify that it is imported successfully
  6. After that, go to Settings app in your iPhone
  7. Choose your name and your iCoud account
  8. After that, you need to Turn on Contacts and click on the Merge option to import contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone.

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Contacts maintained in an Excel spreadsheet is really important for users. Therefore, they always want to store them in their phonebook also. This is the reasons, the blog will provide you a complete and foolproof solution to convert Excel spreadsheet to iPhone contacts. It is one of the best way to import Excel file to iPhone contacts and can be used by any user without any hassle.