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How to Import Maildir to Thunderbird Effectively? [Solved]

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On October 11th, 2023
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Overview Do you want to import Maildir to Thunderbird application? If yes, then you have landed on the correct page. This blog contains the best possible solution through which you can import all your Maildir files into the Thunderbird application.

So before starting let us first understand what are Maildir Files. What basically Thunderbird is? And what are the possible reasons why users are searching for methods to migrate Maildir files to Thunderbird?

Maildir is a well-known file format for storing email messages. This format works in a framework for incoming email message files. Each email in Maildir is kept as a separate file with a unique name.

It allows saving a single email per file. Also, it is based on the EML data format which also saves an individual email in a single file. However, it saves emails in directories and subdirectories. This is the most organized way of saving email items. 

So, if you’re planning to export Maildir files into Thunderbird email client, then you have possible two solutions. Whether you import via manual method or you can opt for a professional solution which is straight and quickest. 

Before starting let us first understand what are the various possible reasons why you want to migrate to Thunderbird email client.

Reasons to Migrate Maildir Files into Thunderbird?

Now, let us understand what are the reasons why users are migrating to Thunderbird-

  • This might be due to the advanced features provided by Thunderbird.
  • When users need to move emails to the Maildir cur folder in Thunderbird.
  • To browse old Maildir emails using Thunderbird’s Linux Operating System
  • For importing Mac client files to Thunderbird from Windows Maildir

These all are the major reasons why one needs to import Maildir to the Thunderbird email client. Now without wasting time let’s jump into the possible methods.. 

As we already discussed we have two methods of importing

Manual Method

Professional method

# 1 Solution – Manual Approach to Migrate Maildir Files into Thunderbird

This manual method has some easy steps to follow. But it also has some limitations which are also you need to know about. So first let us know what are the steps through which you can import your Maildir Files.

Note: Before following the steps mentioned below you need to make sure that you have installed ImportExportTools NG addons into Thunderbird. 

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird in your system.

2. Click Tools and choose ImportExportTools NG.

Click Tools & choose ImportExportTools NG.

3. Afterthat, select the Import Message option from the list.

4. Open the File folder wizard, and change the file type to All Files.

5. Lastly, select the Desired Mildir file you want to import and then, press Open

While importing your files through the manual solution, you need to know their limitations as well. This method basically works for those who do not have specific requirements during importing. In short, this method is not suitable for those who want to import complete Maildir content to the Thunderbird email client. 

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Limitations of Manual Methods

The manual method has some sort of drawbacks. This makes this solution unsuitable and unreliable for many users. So what are those limitations? Let’s discuss

  • You cannot import specific mailbox data from the selected Maildir file.
  • The chances of data loss are high. So, it is not a reliable and secure approach
  • You cannot filter out unnecessary mailbox items like duplicate emails and email attachments.

Because of all these limitations, most of the users refrain from adopting this approach. So, if you don’t want to face these problems, you can opt for a professional solution. 

# 2 Solution – Professional Approach to Import Maildir to Thunderbird [Expert Recommended]

For the automated solution, countless experts recommend using the one and only Thunderbird Import Wizard. This is the one-shot solution to easily migrate Maildir files into the Thunderbird email client.

This software is designed in such a way that it exports single as well as multiple files in Thunderbird. It allows users to move MBOX files along with their associated email attachments in Thunderbird. 

It also has an advanced Date-range filter. In addition, it is compatible with all the latest Windows 11,10,8, and 7 (32 & 64 bit). So, to use this utility, follow the steps which are mentioned in the next section. 

Steps to Migrate Maildir Files into Thunderbird Through Professional Utility

1. Launch the software on your system. The user interface of the software is as follows:

launch the software

2. Now, click on the Add Folder or Add File(s) button to import a single MBOX/EML/ EMLX/ Maildir file into the software.

Add File/ Add Folder

Note- Here we’ll proceed with the Add Folder. You can select the file(s) and proceed with the importing of Maildir to Thunderbird. 

3. Now, select the Folder that contains your Maildir Files

select folder contain maildir files

4. Once, the folder is added, the software will show all the added files in the folder. Click on the Next button. 

click on next, when folder is added

Note: here you can choose the Remove button to remove the files that you don’t require.

5. Now, select the Identity/Account folder in which you want to import Maildir to Thunderbird.

select identity/ Account Folder

6. Finally, click on Import to start the import process. 

click on import to start the process

7. You can view all the imported files within the Thunderbird email client on the system. 

you can view all the imported files

After performing all these steps, all your files will be imported to the chosen email client. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to import Maildir to Thunderbird Quickly?

Launch Thunderbird Import Wizard.

Click Add File/Folder to add MBOX, EML, Maildir, etc.

Choose All mails to complete the data import

Select desired Thunderbird from the Select Identities list

Click on Import to Import MBOX to Thunderbird.

Can I Import Maildir Files from Multiple Accounts?

Yes, Thunderbird allows you to import Maildir files from multiple accounts seamlessly. 

Will My Email Attachments Be Imported?

Absolutely! The professional method that we discussed above will allow all your attachments to be imported along with your messages.

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Accessing Maildir files in every email client is not possible. Thus, users search for a solution to convert Maildir to a Thunderbird profile or account as Thunderbird supports Maildir files. Keeping the queries of users in mind, the blog explained the best possible way to import Maildir to Thunderbird. A user can have a look at the process discussed above and perform the migration in an efficient manner.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.