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[Resolved] How to Convert TGA to JPEG File Format?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On June 28th, 2022
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Summary:- Welcome to another post about how to convert TGA to JPEG file. Today, in this post we will let you know all about the JPEG format, its advantages and reasons behind this conversion procedure. However, this guide will introduce automatic as well as manual methods that can help you solve this query more easily.

JPEG as we already know, stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a standard image format for consisting lossy and compressed image data. Regardless of the huge reduction in the file size, these files preserves the quality of the image.

Working Steps to Manually Convert TGA to JPEG File

Follow these below listed steps to change TGA to JPEG:-

1. To start, open Microsoft Paint and add your TGA files into the panel.

add file

2. Next, go to the File tab and then choose Save As option.

save as

3. After that, select JPEG as your saving format from the list.

select jpeg

Demerits of the Aforementioned Free Method

  1. The biggest drawback of this technique is that it by all means does not support bulk image conversion. If you happen to have less number of pictures to change into JPEG, then this method may work for you.
  2. Also, there is no guarantee that this method will maintain the quality of the images during and after the conversion procedure.
  3. Moreover, duplication can also occur during this process.
  4. There are also high chances that you might end up losing some of your data.

Change TGA to JPEG With the Help of the Expert Suggested Solution

There are multiple online converters and third-party solutions available on the web that can help you perform this task more easily. For this procedure, we highly advise you to opt for the Smart Image file Conversion tool to convert TGA to JPEG file format. Apart from this, this application allows users to change their TGA images into a wide range of export formats. Along with that, it is build with advanced mechanism that helps to retain the quality of the image during and even after the conversion procedure. It works smoothly with all the latest and previous versions of Windows operating system.

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Step by Step Guide to Utilize this Software

Execute this below mentioned instructions:-

1. First, download and run this software on your computers.

tga to jpeg converter

2. Next, select Add File or Add Folder(s) to add TGA files into the software panel.

choose add files or folder option to add your images.

3. With this utility, users can view their files before the conversion process. Afterwards, click on the Next option.

next option

4. Choose JPEG as your export format from the drop down menu.

choose jpeg

5. You can also resize your pictures by changing the Set Height or Set Width of the pixels.

resize jpeg

6. Now, hit on the Convert option to begin the procedure.

convert tga to jpeg

Functions of TGA to JPEG Converter Software

  1. This application allows users to convert TGA to JPEG file. It also provides multiple export formats by which users can change their images into their desire format. Apart form this, users can convert TIFF to DOC format as well as other formats.
  2. Along with that, it is build with advanced mechanism that helps to preserve the quality of the image before and after the conversion process.
  3. It works efficiently with all the versions of Windows OS. Despite of which version the user is using to convert TGA to JPEG file. This tool will run on all. Hence, it supports all the latest and below versions as well.
  4. The Remove or Remove All function helps users to remove any selected pictures that they may have added mistakenly into the software panel.
  5. Nonetheless, both Professional and home users can utilize this application without needing any sort of technical guidance or facing issue throughout the way.

Why Convert TGA to JPEG file? – Advantages of JPEG Format

  1. When it comes to size, JPEG image cannot be compared to any other type or any other image format. Using JPEG is one of the best way to save space in your camera or smartphone.
  2. It however supports 24-bit color up to 16 million colors. That makes it absolutely impossible for any human eye to spot any difference in the quality.
  3. JPEG images therefore can be edited, opened by almost any computer, smartphone, and software available in the market.
  4. Also, these images can be directly printed from your camera and smartphone without needing any photo editing software.

Complete Analysis

The article explains how users can convert TGA to JPEG file. Aside from this, we have mentioned both free and professional solution by which users can resolve this query easily. Also, the advantages and reasons to perform this task are also briefly described in this blog. You can however choose any solution according to your requirement and need. But, since the free method seems to have some certain limitations and can harm your data. That is why it is highly advised to opt for the Professional solution that we have just explained in this following write up.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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