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Best Ways to Crack Microsoft Access VBA Password

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On June 27th, 2023
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What are the ways to crack Microsoft Access VBA password? Why is there a need to bypass the project password? How can I easily get through the password removal process? There are various users who have these questions among whom there are a few users who want to know why this happens. Let’s get to know some facts about the encryption of MS Access database.

Well, it is essential that you encrypt your MS Access database file with a protection password. However, there have been a lot of cases where users generally forget the password to open the protected database file causing them to learn ways to unlock VBA project password in MS Access. In case you do not have a backup of your password, you should undergo the professional solution.

Here, in this write-up, we will explain the working of only the best methods for you and make the password recovery easy and quick. Make sure to understand all the methods before executing any of them to have a clear picture on which is more suitable based on your expertise in technical arena.

Let’s now get going towards the solutions to get over this situation.

Crack Microsoft Access VBA Password via Expert Solution

You might find various tools and software to get the password removed from your VBA project files but are the a 100% safe? Maybe? Maybe, not? Don’ worry. We have brought here the best of the solutions which will make it a quick process to break the password. All you have to do is download the PCVITA VBA Password Remover Tool which will effectively reset the password from all the required VBA project files.

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With this feature, users can quickly to remove PowerPoint VBA password without technical concerns. This will help the user to access the VBA file whose password he has forgotten. It guarantees a simple and friendly interface for the users. Be it single or multiple files with that are multilingual, the tool can easily bypass the project password. It is designed with smart algorithms and advanced mechanisms that allow users to generate a new password eliminating the old one. Let’s understand the working of this tool.

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Quick Steps to Unlock VBA Project Password in MS Access

Here is the set of instructions to be followed for breaking the encryption:

1. Download the software by clicking on the link given above.

VBA password Remover

2. Launch it and click on the Add Files option to insert the required files on the software.

add VBA Files

3. Navigate to the files and select the ones you want to add. Hit Open.

Select the VBA File

4. Press the Reset button to finally complete the password removal task.

Click the Reset Button

As seen in the steps discussed above, there is not much that you have to do for resetting the protection password. Just by adding the files to the software, you can get to recover the password. Now, let’s understand the advantages of using this tool to crack Microsoft Access VBA Password.

What Are the Benefits of Using this Expert Software?

Find out the merits of this tool as shown below:

  • Offers to recover password from Macros files of MS Access
  • Breaks password of any length without posing any size restrictions.
  • Can work on a machine that has no Admin Privileges
  • Compatible with Windows OS 10, 8, 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008
  • You can reset password from MS Access files of Office 2019, 2016, 2013, and lower editions

Now, as we have mentioned why it is beneficial for users to go for the professional solution to unlock VBA project password in MS Access, we will now be taking a look at the manual method for performing the same operation.

Remember, the manual solution requires technical expertise and knowledge about VBA. This manual method also doesn’t change or reset the existing password from a VBA project file. If you want to reset the password, you should make use of the method explained above. Also, make sure to take a backup of your data before you start the procedure and understand then go through the working steps. Let’s get started!

Crack Microsoft Access VBA Password via Manual Method

Follow the steps listed below:

1. Enter the password for the database file to open it.
2. Go to the File tab and choose Open option.

3. Click on the Decrypt Database option and when prompted with Exclusive Use, hit OK.
4. After that, select the Access Database file you want to decrypt.
5. Then, choose the Open Exclusive option from the drop-down menu to break the password.

6. Next, you have to select the File tab once more, hit Open and then choose Decrypt Database.

7. Finally, in the User Database Password dialogue box, enter the password and press OK.

This will unlock VBA project password in MS Access and make it accessible to you. You will require some technical expertise in order to complete this process without incurring any loss.

Finishing with a Note

Some users find themselves in situations where they lock themselves out of their VBA project and lose the password to open these files. This is why they search out for methods to break the password for this protective layer to remove the encryption. There are various solutions that can be used to bypass the project password but not every solution is as useful.

We have discussed the solutions to crack Microsoft Access VBA password that are successful but the manual one requires technical assistance. The professional solution can make it an easy task for the users who do not have much technical expertise and need a simple approach.

Common User Questions

Q: Does the tool remove multilingual passwords from files?

Ans: Yes, the VBA Password Breaker Tool will remove passwords of any type or size from the selected file.

Q: What types of VBA project files does the tool support?

Ans: This tool will open all VBA project files associated with PowerPoint, Excel, Word, or Access files.

Q: Can the VBA project password be removed without using the Hex editor?

Ans: Yes, as mentioned above, there is a standalone program to remove VBA passwords from projects, macros, and modules. Therefore, users do not need to install a hex editor to perform their tasks.

Q: Does tool support the latest Windows 11 operating system?

Yes, VBA Unlocker has the ability to remove VBA macro passwords on all the latest versions of Windows 11.


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