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How to Remove PowerPoint VBA Password Safely?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On June 27th, 2023
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Overview: Are you also searching for different methods to remove PowerPoint VBA password? Do you want to unlock .pptm files? Are you searching for a free solution to do the same? If your answer is Yes, then stay connected with this blog. In this blog, we are going to discuss about different methods to easily remove the PowerPoint VBA password.

User Queries:
These are some of the queries asked by Microsoft users. We have collected them from different social networking sites. Let’s check them out:-

Query 1: “Hello, I am running a business and one of my clients have given me a PPT file with all the important data in it. So, I protected that PPT by applying VBA password. But, I have forgotten the VBA password of that specific file. And I am in a huge mess now because my client does not have a backup of the PPT file. Can anyone please recommend me a solution to remove the PowerPoint VBA password? Thanks in advance.”

Query 2: “Myself James. I have somehow lost my passwords of all the Excel and Word files. But I can not afford to loose all the data. It contains some confidential information. Please suggest me a way to reset VBA password from Excel and Word files?”

Methods to Remove PowerPoint VBA Password

We are going to discuss two different techniques to remove the VBA password from PowerPoint. Therefore, as we will discuss the automated method in this section, Users can use it to solve these types of questions. Go to the next section to learn more about manual solutions. Let’s begin with the automated way to remove the PowerPoint VBA password.

Automated Solution to Remove Password from VBA Project

VBA Password Remover Tool is one of the best tools to remove the PowerPoint VBA password. This application is designed by experts to remove the PowerPoint VBA password. It also unlocks the Access, Word, Excel VBA passwords. Moreover, this tool is safe, secure, and easy to use.

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This software can successfully recover VBA document password. This tool is built with an advanced algorithm that can crack Microsoft access VBA password of any length. Powerful enough to recover complex password combinations from VBA files. After all, its main objective is to provide the user with a perfect password recovery method.

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Quick Steps to Remove PowerPoint VBA Password without Password

  • Download and Run the Program.

VBA Password Remover

  • Here, go to the “Add Files” option to add the files from which you want to remove the password

Click Add Files

  • Hit the “Open” button

Select the VBA File

  • Now, click on the “Remove” button if you have mistakenly added a wrong file

click on the Remove

  • After that, click on the Reset Button

Click on the Reset Button

  • At last, the software will display a message showing “Reset process completed successfully

Reset process completed successfully

Prominent Features of Automated Software

  • Supports to recover VBA passwords from Access, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
  • Users can unlock single as well as multiple VBA documents
  • The tool eliminates the old password and generates a new password for user convenience
  • Compatible with Windows OS and MS Office
  • Supports to reset password of any specified length
  • Allows removing VBA password from .potm, .pptm, .ppsm file formats
  • Supports to reset password of .mdb, .doc, .xls, .dot, .xlt etc. file extensions
  • It also remove password from macro formats like .docm, .xltm, .dotm, .xlsm etc.
  • Provides a complete progress report.
  • You can use this Tool to unlock .xlt, .xlsb, .xlsm files

These are some of the advanced features of the utility. You can use this method to remove the PowerPoint VBA password. But, if you want to go for free solutions then follow the blog thoroughly because we will mention the manual solution later on. Before starting with the manual approach let’s take a look at some user queries.

Manual Method to Remove the PowerPoint VBA Password

To start with the manual process, you need to follow the steps given below:-

  • Firstly, Search for the file from which you want to remove VBA password
  • Change the file extension to .zip format and press “Enter”
  • After changing the file name, do a double click on it and open it
  • You will see an “XL” named folder, open it and extract the “vbaproject.bin” file
  • Now, open the extracted file with help of Hex editor
  • Search for CMG=.…/ DPB=… / GC=…
  • Fater that, replace them with CMGx=.… / DPBx=… / Gcx=….
  • After replacing the texts, save the file and exit from Hex editor
  • Now, copy-paste the data from the latest file to the zip file by overwriting it
  • At last, change the .zip file extension to your required file extension


These are the steps of the manual process. You can use this method to eliminate the PowerPoint VBA password. But, this manual procedure is lengthy and time-consuming. In addition, non-technical users also face a lot of issues while removing the VBA password because this approach is a bit tricky. So, we will suggest you to opt for professional software. The professional tool has a simple user interface and safely resets the VBA password.

Summing Up

In the above blog, we have discussed about different methods to remove PowerPoint VBA password. You can use any of the above methods to remove VBA password. So, we will suggest you to use the professional method to unlock the files.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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