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Delete Gmail Emails All At Once Without Actually Losing Data

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 12th, 2024
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Do you have a Gmail account full of emails? Has it become a task for you to delete Gmail emails all at once? Do you also want to keep them safe?

Well, thinking of taking a backup & then emptying the mailbox can be a bit complex. There is a much simpler method that you can use to perform both functions at the same time without having to perform different procedures.

We know that Gmail provides only 15GB of free storage space which is divided into Google Drive, Gmail, & Google Photos. Since this space usually gets full if there’s a heavy flow of emails, users prefer to delete Gmail messages all at once. However, before doing so, there is always one thing that you should be careful about.

If you delete these emails without saving them somewhere else, you will never get them back.

In case there are important emails deleted along with them, there is no way you can recover them. So, it is always suggested that you save all the data from your cloud mail to the local storage before emptying it permanently. But, taking a backup & then removing the emails is a hectic task. How can that be resolved?

That’s what we are here to tell!

What to Do to Delete Gmail Emails All At Once But Not Lose Them?

If you do not want to permanently lose the emails that you want to delete, you can use the Best Gmail Backup Tool to ease your work and efforts.

This software has an easy-working interface and a lot of features to work with. These features are:

  • Date filter to export data as per a certain time period.
  • Delete After Download feature to remove emails from the mailbox automatically.
  • Incremental Backup to take backup of only new data after the first process.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy to keep the folder structure the same.

Implement the Following Steps to Delete Gmail Messages All At Once

1. Download the software & enter the sign-in credentials for the Gmail account. Hit the Login button.

Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

2. Choose the format as per choice and select the categories you want to export data from in the Select Category Also, click on the Browse button to set the destination.

select the folder path to save

3. Click on the Delete after Download option to activate it & remove all the emails you are exporting from the mailbox automatically.

Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

4. Press the Apply Filter option to set the Date-filter for the emails & export only certain messages if need be.

select the folders

5. Delete Gmail emails all at once by clicking on the Start button.

Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

After the first process, if you want to execute the software for another backup, you can use the Incremental Backup feature to avoid all the previously transferred emails.

Checking the Manual Method to Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

There is one procedure that can empty your entire mailbox in one go. However, this will just delete the emails & not take a backup. If you want to take a backup first, you will have to perform a whole other procedure using the Google Takeout Tool.

Steps to delete Gmail messages all at once manually:

1. log in to the Gmail account you want to empty.

2. Mark the checkbox below the Search bar to select all the emails on that page.

3. Click on the Select all conversations in Primary option to choose all the inbox messages.

Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

4. Hit the Delete or Trash icon to start the procedure.

5. After that, the emails are moved to the Bin Navigate to folder.

6. Choose the Empty Bin Now option to remove all the emails permanently.

Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

7. Hit OK when prompted.

Delete Gmail Emails All At Once

Manual Method to Delete Gmail Emails All At Once Has Certain Drawbacks

  • All the messages are removed from the inbox if you use this method without saving any of them.
  • If you want to take a backup before deleting your data, you need to perform both the backup & deletion procedures separately.
  • After removing the emails from the Primary section, you have to implement the same steps for Promotions and socials as well.
  • Deleting emails from the Sent Items & Drafts is also the same method but with separate execution.
  • Due to the separate deletion of all these folders, the process becomes time-consuming & lengthy.

What Customers Say About the Tool to Delete Gmail Messages All at Once?

Customer 1The software has made the procedure for deleting the data easier from several folders after taking a backup. The emails that you download can be deleted automatically from the mailbox via the Delete after Download feature. This is the best feature of the software to save the data and delete it without following another procedure. Such a great development!
Customer 2Using the tool, there are several functions such as the Date-filter for selective data transfer from a chosen time period. Apart from that, it is really easy to make copies of the data and apply all the features that you require. The interface of the software is quick to perform the operation and simple to learn.
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Briefing Note

To delete Gmail Emails all at once, you have to have a backup on your local storage just in case. Since there are a lot of emails in the mailbox, there are definitely some crucial emails stored along with the useless ones.

Taking a backup of the entire mailbox & then deleting the emails is a kind of hardship. However, if you go for the software, both the procedures can be executed at the same time. You just need to select the folders you want to export the data from & apply the Delete after Download feature. It’s that simple!


Q1. How can we Delete Gmail Emails All At Once using a simple method?

You can use the automated tool which provides an option called “Delete after Download” which removes all the emails once the backup is taken. Other than this you can use your Gmail account and select the emails that want to delete.

Q2. Is it possible to save Gmail data using a Mac OS?
Yes, other than Windows the tool is also available for Mac OS.

Q.3 How can I store emails from Gmail in different formats?
You can store emails in PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX formats by using the Gmail Backup software.


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