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How to Export Gmail Emails to PDF with Attachments?

Mohit Jha ~ Modified: March 5, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

User Query: How do I export Gmail emails to PDF? There are certain messages that I would like to keep safe from being misused or compromised but I have to share them for a project. Can someone tell me how I can convert these messages to the PDF format? I want to put passwords on them and restrict them. Please help!

Sharing of emails is a common approach, many people need to share their emails with colleagues, bosses, friends, and family, etc.

However, forwarding each email or sharing an email file (.eml) is not a good approach. As there are many security threats, email can be altered easily in these formats.

It’s better to encrypt & convert the email file before sharing it so that its data cannot be altered.

Therefore, in this blog, we will guide you with the method to save Gmail emails as PDF files without any hassle. After exporting you can place a password on a PDF file before sharing it.

Quick Solution: Save Gmail emails with attachments as PDF files locally.

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Top Benefits to Export Gmail Emails to PDF

  1. Emails can be saved with their attachments
  2. No hassle in finding attachment locally of an email
  3. Email security increases – PDF files cannot be altered without leaving traces
  4. Emails are admissible in Court for legal work
  5. Doesn’t take much storage space.
  6. Easy to share individual email

Two Major Solution to Save Gmail Emails as PDF

Generally, there are two ways using which a user can export the data files from its account.

One is, by using default Print option available to save the messages, this option will save a single email at a time.

Another option is to take the help of automated software. These automated tools are specifically designed for converting emails in PDF and store attachments inside it.

#1 Manually Saving Emails from Mailbox – Convert Single Email at a Time

Initially, Google provides “save as Google document” option inside Gmail to help users to save emails in Google drive.

But later on, they replace that feature with a Print option, this option can be used to export Gmail emails to PDF files on the local computer.

Steps to export emails from Gmail account to PDF file:

Step 1: Open your Gmail account and select an email to save.

Step 2: Click on the “3-dot” icon on the top right corner of the email window.

Step 3: Select the “print” option from the list of options.

Step 4: In the next window, from destination option click on “Change” button.

Step 5: Choose the “Save as PDF” option from the list to save Gmail email as PDF.

Step 6: Now, click on the “Save” button to save pdf file locally.

Step 7: For that, browse the desired destination location for the pdf file.

Export Gmail emails to PDF With Attachments

After saving the pdf file locally, go to destination location, and preview the pdf file. You can place a password on the PDF file before sharing it for security purposes.

Though this approach is completely free for users to export their emails to PDF format. But, this will only convert an email file, not attachments of emails.

For saving attachments, the Gmail user needs to specifically open each email and download attachments one by one.

So, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of saving attachments manually, then the only option is to take the help of automated tools.

#2 Automated Method to Export Gmail Emails to PDF With Attachments

In case, you don’t want to go the thought of saving each email one by one without attachment, you can take the help of the automated tool.

The automated tool like Gmail Backup Software, allows you to convert all your emails in PDF file with attachments inside it.

One can also export a selective Gmail folder using the Folder filter option of the software. Additionally, there are many more features available in the tool to help during the export process.

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Key Features of the Backup Software to Save Gmail Emails to PDF

1. Category and Date Filter options
2. Folder filter for selective data export
3. Download calendar, contacts, and documents
4. Incremental export to skip already exported data
5. Saves Gmail emails with attachment as PDF file
6. Maintain Email integrity and attributes intact
7. Software is available in 6 different languages
8. Use same utility save emails in other formats such as PST, EML, MSG, MBOX.

Steps for exporting Gmail emails to PDF with attachments are:

1. Launch Gmail backup Software & Activate it for the full version

2. Enter Gmail account credentials for login

3. Select the Category as “Email” and Email format as “PDF”

4. Apply Date filter and Folder Filters for selective data export

5. Browse the destination location and click on Start button to export emails.

Note: At the destination location, the tool will create a folder structure of email that has been exported. Each pdf file will be of name same as email Subject and a pdf file will contain attachments of an email inside it.


In this blog, we have explained two methods to export Gmail emails to PDF files. The manual solution is free, but save a single email at a time without attachment. Whereas, automated solution, converts multiple emails with attachments to PDF file.

You can try both methods and choose the right method for protection & sharing of your emails. For testing of automated tool, use the free demo version, it will export 100 emails to PDF format and download 25 items each of other categories (contacts, calendar, and documents).