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Export Notes from Outlook PST File Using Simple Technique

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On April 23rd, 2024
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PST is known as Personal Storage Table which is used by Outlook application.PST file stored all information such as email messages, contacts, calendar data, notes, tasks, and journals. It is easy to export and import in Outlook application. Many users consider Outlook to jot down quick notes, reminders, or ideas and afterward want a method to export these notes from Outlook into a text file. If you want to export notes from Outlook PST file and looking for a solution for the same? Then this is the right post to your request. In this blog, we will discuss the best and effective solution to extract notes from PST file. So let’s start.

Table of Contents:

  1. Primary Reasons to Export Outlook Notes to Text Files
  2. Manual Method to Export Notes from Your Outlook Account
  3. Effective Solution to Export Outlook Notes into Text File
  4. Quick Steps to Export Notes from Outlook PST File
  5. Why Choose Automated Tool for Extracting Notes from PST file?
  6. Conclusion & FAQs

Primary Reasons to Export Outlook Notes to Text Files

There are multiple reasons why users want to learn how to export their notes from Outlook to text files, we have covered some of the primary reasons in the below-mentioned points. 

  • Text files are a universally supported file format that is accessible across multiple platforms as well as applications, which makes it easy for users to access their notes using any device or software. 
  • Saving the notes made in Outlook as Text files provides users with a backup of their data in unforeseen cases like data loss, accidental deletion, or corruption of files. 
  • They occupy very little space in the local system’s storage and hence are easy to transfer through USB, drives, cloud storage, email attachments, etc. 
  • Data inside the text files can be edited and organized with the help of bullet points and various other text formatting options with the help of a wide range of text editors or word processing software. 
  • Users can search for the specific information within their notes saved as text files with the help of various built-in search functions in different operating systems or text editors. 

Manual Method to Export Notes from Outlook 

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your system and move to the “Notes” section from the navigation pane. 
  2. All your notes will display here, select the notes you want to export by individually clicking on them or by holding the Ctrl key or dragging with your mouse. 
  3. Once the required notes have been selected, right-click on them and choose the “Copy” option from the menu. 
  4. Now, open a text editor or word processing software on your system and paste the entire content with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V. 
  5. After pasting the content make the necessary adjustments by editing or formatting the text manually, clicking on the “File” menu, selecting “Save As” and then selecting the file format as plain text (.txt). 

As you can see the manual method requires great attention to detail especially when dealing with a large volume of notes that have to be copied from Outlook and later formatted as per requirements. Therefore, this process has the scope of mistakes committed while editing the text or copying the data from Outlook and is also a very time-consuming process. Hence, it is best for users to take the help of the expert-recommended solution to automatically export your notes from Outlook, which we have discussed in detail in the next section. 

Effective Solution to Export Outlook Notes to Text Files

Try Outlook Export Tool which is the best platform to export PST notes. This software enables you to export notes from Outlook PST file to multiple file formats like EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, TXT, DOC, etc. It supports to extract PST file from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. The software is capable enough to export ANSI as well as UNICODE PST file. Using this tool, it is possible to extract notes from corrupted and password-protected PST file.

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The software has a simplified user interface that allows any type of user to export notes from PST file. It provides a free preview of the data items of the PST file before the export process starts. The best thing about the tool is that there is no limit on the file size of the PST file.

Quick Steps to Export Notes from Outlook PST File 

Follow these simple steps to extract notes from PST file without Outlook installation.

  1. Download and install PST file converter tool in your PC.
  2. Click on Add file to load .pst files having notes. add file to extract notes from pst file
  3. Preview PST file data items and click Export.preview items
  4. Select “TXT” file format from the export options.
  5. Click on Advanced setting for filter and more.
    advance settings
  6. Choose location to save the resultant destination
  7. Hit the Export button to start the PST file extraction process.export notes from outlook pst file

In order to check how the tool works, you can download this tool for free and check its performance. The trial version allows you to export the first 25 items from each folder of the PST file. If you want to export more items, you can buy the license key to export unlimited number of Outlook data files.

If you get stuck somewhere while working with this tool then you can contact the customer service team for more help. They will help you with any problems or questions regarding the way the tool works, installation, payment, etc.

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Why Choose Automated Tool for Extracting Notes from PST file?

There are various reasons to choose this software as it provides several beneficial features to export notes from Outlook PST file. Some of them are as follows:

  • The professional tool has the ability to export users’ Outlook data files into multiple file formats such as Text, PDF, EML, MBOX, etc. and supports all latest as well as previous version of Windows OS. 
  • Users can export multiple PST files in one go with all or selective data items from the Outlook PST file using the Advance Search Option available in the tool. 
  • It has an advanced feature of recovering permanently deleted items before completing the export process and also offers an Advance Scan option that allows users to recover their corrupted Outlook data files. 
  • The tool supports the PST files from various Outlook versions (2019, 2016. 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.) and has the capability to move the ANSI as well as UNICODE file types without any restriction. 
  • Users get the option to transfer their Outlook contacts as well as calendars separately into VCF and ICS file format respectively without even the need to install MS Outlook on their system. 

The Final Verdict

When a user going to export notes from Outlook PST file, it becomes a difficult task. This is because the manual solution to export Outlook notes to text files is very time-consuming especially when you have a large volume of notes and any small mistake can lead to data loss. For this, we suggested the best PST converter that enables you to export PST notes to multiple formats. You can choose any format according to your choice and easily access your notes from MS Outlook PST file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I export my Outlook notes into a Text file?

Ans. In order to export your Outlook notes into a Text file users have to manually copy and paste the entire data into the particular text editor and then save them as individual files. 

Q.2 Is it possible to export notes from password-protected PST file?

Ans. Yes, the tool is able to extract notes from Password protected as well as ANSI & UNICODE PST file without any trouble.

Q.3 Is there any limit on the number of notes that I can export from Outlook?

Ans. No, there is no limit on the number of notes that you want to export from Outlook, however, when dealing with a large volume of notes, the manual copy-paste method can take a lot of time to complete the entire process. 

Q.4 If I export notes from Outlook will it delete them from my account?

Ans. No, when you export Outlook notes to text files it does not delete them from your account as it simply creates the copy of these notes in the chosen format and the selected location. 


By Mohit Jha

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