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How to Export Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar – Free Ways

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Summary: In this blog, you will understand how you can export Outlook calendar to Google calendar in few easy steps. Make sure to read the entire write-up to learn all the methods that you can use to perform the migration. Let’s jump right into it.

In this digital arena, no one is satisfied using one application to maintain its daily workflow. Moreover, people always look for a new application in order to have a better work environment. Likewise, people who are using Outlook calendar for managing its appointment and meeting, presently, either want to switch or import Outlook calendar to Google. Hence, they can also use appointments, meetings of Outlook along with Google Calendar app while working on it.

Hither, The motive of this article is to provide free ways on how to export Outlook 2016 /2013 / 2010 Calendar to Google Calendar without any difficulty.

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Techniques to Export Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

So, the very first workaround is to download a copy of Calendar in iCalendar format from Outlook Application. Because this file format is supported by Google Calendar application so, user can easily import the converted file to desired Gmail Calendar. To clarify, read further and know more about the procedure .

Step 1: Initially, login to your Outlook account, here we are using Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2016 program. After this, you need to open the calendar that you want to export. Then, click on File and go to the Save Calendar option.

Save Calendar

Step 2: Now, you can save the file with a customized name at desired path, on the local system. After that, a window will appear where, you can preview the content of Calendar. Once you are satisfied with the report, click on OK >> Save and move forward with the process to import Outlook calendar to Google calendar.

View Summary

Step 3: Subsequently, to open Google Calendar app, you need to login via. Browser.

Signin Gmail

Step 4: Once, the Google Mail gets opened, go to the top-right corner of screen. Then after, click on the solid Menu button and choose Calendar program as shown in the screenshot.

Select Calendar

Step 5:Then, in Calendar tab, select Settings option using Gear icon.

Click Settings

Here, to import items from Outlook Calendar, you need to select Import & export option.

Step 6: Next, in Import window, click on Select file from your computer option and choose the Calendar file that was exported from Outlook application.

Export Outlook calendar to Google Calendar

In conclusion, that’s all about how to export Outlook calendar in Google calendar using a manual workaround. Though, it is a hassle-free way to export Outlook meetings, appointments in Google Calendar. Still, there are various situations where the user needs to transfer appointment meeting entries from Outlook application to Google account, but , the way, which we have just described, does not work. In such situations, you need to refer to the following approach.

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Automatically Import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar Without Supporting Application

Sometimes, user do not have Outlook installation in the system, but Outlook Data file i.e., PST. Typically, this .pst file comprises emails, contacts, calendar and other items also. So, you can extract the calendar files from the Outlook supported file and import them in desired Google Calendar. For this, you need to use Outlook Email to Gmail Migration Tool. Above all, this is a trustworthy solution to migrate Outlook calendar entries even without using MS Outlook application.

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Moreover, the free version of this software is also available that can export 25 Items / folder on desired Gmail or G Suite account.

Step Guide to Export Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Step 1: Download the software and launch it on your desktop.

Main Screen

Step 2: Next, you have to add Source as Outlook and Destination as G Suite.

Export Option

Step 3: Make sure the source user accounts are mapped with destination user accounts.

CSV Template

Step 4: At last, click on Start Migration button to move the Calendar.

Start Migration

This software allows the users to apply filters provided for selective migration. The Category Filter is to choose the items that you want to migrate the data from. With the help of Date-Filter, you can easily choose a time period to export the data from by setting From and To dates in the respective fields.

Also, there is an option Stop and Start the migration process if needed by the user. 

If you receive some data that you want to migrate, there is an option to do so which is the Delta Migration option. Using this feature, you can migrate the data which you have received newly after or during the transfer process. 

Final Say!!

In this write-up, we have explained a free method on how to export Outlook calendar to Google Calendar Via. Outlook interface. Although, if you only have a .pst file, then the tool which we have explained in the above section, is best to migrate the calendar appointments and meetings. So, after reading this article, the user gets to know about the best two workarounds for migrating calendar of Outlook. So, choose wisely!!