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How Do I Add Office 365 Calendar to Google Calendar in a Simplest Way?

Aisha | Modified: 2021-02-19T12:05:38+00:00
Office 365 Calendar to Google Calendar

add Office 365 calendar to Google calendar

Consider a scenario below:

5 days ago, I simply wanted to add Office 365 calendar to Google calendar but did not find any perfect way of doing so. Every method suggested by friends and colleagues I tried turned out to be very painful. and so did the information provided over the internet. I just wanted to do this in an easy way and be able to use it on my smartphone also.

This way it would become really easy for me to access both my schedules i.e., personal and work calendar. Moreover, I found Office 365 little bit confusing and complicated sometimes. Therefore, I am looking for a complete stepwise procedure that can help me in the same.

There are some people out there who prefer Google Calendar and others want to continue to have their email, calendar, and everything else in Office 365. People believe that it is not possible to sync Office 365 calendar with Google calendar but it is not true. A user just needs to follow the right path.

Thus, this blog will answer the most common query asked by the users regarding the synchronization of both the calendars. Here, both manual and professional solutions are discussed, a user can make a choice between them.

A Stepwise Procedure to Add Office 365 Calendar to Google Calendar Manually

It is not as easy a process to be performed as it seems to be. It requires users to perform a proper stepwise procedure. Therefore, a user can find the directions given below, which will help them in syncing both Google and Outlook 365 calendars:

1. To start the process, you need to log into Office 365 account via https://portal.office.com/
2. After that, directly move to the Calendar tab.
3. Then, under My App Settings, click on the Calendar option again.
4. Here, you can easily find Shared Calendars >> Publish Calendar.
5. Now, you can publish the desired calendar and simply copy the ICS format link as HTML link will not work properly with Gmail.

ICS format link

6. Next, you need to sign in to your Google account.
7. Go to Google Calendar and then on Other Calendars arrow.

Google Calendar

8. After that, you need to click on the Add by URL button.

Google Calendar

9. Here, you can paste the ICS link that you have copied in step 5.

ICS link
10. At last, the Google Calendar will get updated automatically with all new events in the O365 calendar.

This is the one and only way to add Office 365 calendar to Google calendar manually without any third-party tool. Moreover, after this, a user will have an easy visibility to his or her schedule in Google calendars also.

Shortcomings of Using the Manual Procedure:

The link provided by O365 sometimes doesn’t work properly in Google calendar and creates issues. Moreover, the process is complex also and needs to be performed with proper care. In addition, the changes done in Google calendar are not applied successfully in O365 or vice-versa. Therefore, it is not a feasible way of moving the calendar. Hence, if a user wants a seamless approach, they can switch to the professional solution.

Better & More Effective Way to Sync Office 365 Calendar With Google Calendar

If a user is looking for a third-party tool to for the synchronization, then keep in mind that it varies from platform to platform. Like, for Windows OS, there are some different applications and for Mac OS, there are some different tools. This section of the blog will discuss a feasible approach for Windows platform.

You can make use of the Office 365 to G Suite Migration tool that has the capability to migrate the entire data of the selected category or item such as emails, contacts, calendars etc. It offers selective migration as well in case users have certain calendars to be transferred via Date-Filter.

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Ending Note

There are ways using which as user can add Office 365 calendar to Google calendar but not really helpful in some cases. This is why we have come up with a sure shot solution for the troubled users which is the software.

This professional solution is one reliable and effective way to for the exportation process. However, a user can try the manual solution also if they want but at their own risk. It totally depends on the choice of users which method they want to go for.