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Learn How to Migrate Mail from cPanel to Office 365 – Simply Explained

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: February 19, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Account migration is a major concern in cPanel nowadays. Migration from server to server is very easy and most of us are used to do as it is automatic. But restoring and migrate mail from cPanel to Office 365 is a little bit tricky.

Let’s take a look at a real-time user query to understand why users want to perform the migration process.

User Query– I am having a bad experience since the organization I work in has a huge amount of data stored on cPanel webmail and some of my data has been disappearing. I have been looking for a solution and I found a manual method but didn’t quite help me. Is there any other way that can help me move emails from cPanel to Office 365? If yes, please mention it so that I can perform the procedure.

We have encountered a lot of users just like the one above. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the best possible ways to transfer the data.

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Why Migrate Mail from cPanel to Office 365?

When it comes to transferring emails to O365 based server, using webmail is the easiest method. Currently, cPanel-based servers offer three different webmail interfaces [Horde, Squirrel Mail, and RoundCube] for viewing and managing email accounts. With the help of a webmail client that allows you to access your emails without the requirement to set up an email client.

This method will focus on how to export emails from your server by using the Horde webmail interface. When email exporting is supported by RoundCube, it only permits you to export with a single email at a time. This may not be an inconvenience. However, Horde permits you to transfer entire folders, this thing can get into a higher gear up while exporting in a bulk.

How to Move emails from cPanel to Office 365?

If you are a user of cPanel mail services to your domain, it would backup your emails using web interfaces. Restore option is available in Horde webmail now. Now, to know how to transfer all emails from Horde to Office 365, read the blog carefully.

This process to migrate mail from cPanel to Office 365 is divided into two parts:

  1. Backup Emails from cPanel to your Computer
  2. Import cPanel Emails to Office 365

Step 1: Backup Emails from cPanel to your Computer

The procedure of backup a single email in Horde is just the email you want to backup and select the save option in the dropdown menu.

  1. In command to backup all your emails in the folders like inbox, sent, etc. Then right-click on the folder and select the Export option
  2. After that, you will be promoted to the next step to the format of the backup file-MBOX or zipped MBOX. If you only want to store emails, the zipped option is more preferable as it will be smaller in the size.
  3. This MBOX file can be used for emails transfer to another cPanel account with Horde.

Step 2: Move Emails from cPanel to Office 365

Now we have successfully exported all emails from cPanel to MBOX. So, now to import MBOX file, there is no manual procedure to directly import MBOX files. The only solution in your hands is to use MBOX to Office 365 Migrator.

This tool can easily migrate mail from cPanel to Office 365. Also, this tool supports different types of file formats like MBX, MBOX, and MSB. This tool has some great features which are mentioned below:

  • This tool can upload multiple MBOX / MBS / MBX files to the office 365 account in bulk.
  • Import both types of MBOX along with or without extension.
  • Migrate MBOX emails: with or without impersonation.
  • Supports MBOX/MBS/MBX files generated by different email clients.
  • Compatible with Window10 and all below version of window OS.
  • Using this tool you can also migrate Entourage to Office 365

Steps to Migrate Mail from cPanel to Office 365 Via Migrator Tool

  • Download and Launch the tool to migrate mail from cPanel

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  • Click on Add File or Add Folder option to select MBOX


  • Now, click on the Next button and select the Office 365 option


  • Select User Impersonation by checking With Impersonation option


  • Afterward, enter credentials to initiate the process.  


  • Then, click Login and select categories

select categories

  • Finally, click on the Export button


Now, you have successfully accomplished the move emails from cPanel to Office 365 procedure. You can without any issues can access cPanel emails in Office 365

migrate mail from cPanel to Office 365

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Final words

This blog is for the users who need to Migrate mail from cPanel to Office 365. In this guide, You will know about the procedure to save email from cPanel. We discussed the automated method to convert MBOX to O365 by using the best tool and its features. So, read this blog it will be so helpful for you.