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How to Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook? – 2 Best Ways

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On December 23rd, 2021
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Summary: In this blog, we will cover the methods to export Webmail contacts to Outlook along with all webmail clients.

Webmail is a web-based email service. When you send or receive messages, you are directly interacting with the servers online. Using webmail, you can obtain your emails from anywhere in the world, through any device. The only requirement is a web browser and an internet connection.

Webmail is an optional feature. You can always use email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird. These applications provide several benefits over a Webmail. A Webmail does not require any configurations, unlike the other email applications. cPanel allows easy and quick access to your data with zero configurations.

“I have all of my contacts saved in the address book in the Webmail but I need them in my desktop-based MS Outlook. I cannot figure out how to make this transition. Is there any easy way to export Webmail contacts to Outlook?”

Webmail provides three clients i.e., Horde, SquirrelMail, & Roundcube. cPanel has discontinued the SquirrelMail client, so for this blog, we will discuss the other two clients only.

How to Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook?

MS Outlook accepts only two files i.e., .pst and .csv. Roundcube exports contacts file in only vCard format. A vCard (VCF) is a standard contact file for sharing contact information by businesses.

You can use a vCard file with many other email clients and devices. Hence, it is also a universal virtual business card. So, we first have to export the contacts from Webmail in the vCard format and then convert it into a PST file to import it into MS Outlook.

How to Export Contacts from Horde Client?

Horde supports a couple of file formats, but as you need to import them into Outlook, we will stick our vision to VCF format only.

  1. Log in to your webmail account. To access webmail directly, visit any one of the following links:
    • your account’s IP Address:2096
    • Account’s IP Address/webmail

2. You will be taken to the Webmail interface. Click on “Address Book” present in the top menu.

3. Now, click on “Import/Export” in the left panel.

4. Under the Export Address Book section, choose vCard as from the drop-down menu.

5. Next, select the address book you want to move to your Outlook account.

6. Hit the Export button. Your VCF file will get saved at its default location.

Next, we talk about Roundcube to export Webmail contacts to Outlook.

How to Export Contacts from Roundcube Client?

Exporting contacts from Roundcube is easy and simpler when compared to Horde. Follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Webmail account using the above methods.
  2. After you have entered your webmail account, click on “Contacts” on the top-right corner
  3. Choose the address book you would like to transfer and click on the Export button in the left panel.
  4. Your vCard file has been exported.

Now that you know how to the standard VCF file, you will next learn about the method to move them into Outlook.

How to Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook?

As already mentioned, MS Outlook does not accept vCards directly. They are first required to be converted to VCF to be imported to Outlook.

To protect yourself against any corruption, you need to take the help of a software. The vCard Importer tool is a trusted application worldwide. This tool helps efficiently convert your VCF file into PST which is compatible with Outlook.

Steps to Export Webmail Contacts to Outlook:

Step 1: Download and install the software and add the vCard file that you just exported from webmail.

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Step 2: Now, the vCard file has been loaded successfully. You can preview them.


Step 3: Next, select the export type i.e., existing PST file, new PST file, MS Outlook profile.


Step 4: Finally, provide a location to save your file and hit the Export button.


Done! You have successfully executed the task to export Webmail contacts to Outlook.


In this blog, we discussed the methods using which you can export Webmail contacts to Outlook. We mentioned the different kinds of webmail clients as well. You can follow any of the strategies according to your application i.e., Horde or Roundcube. The software that we mentioned here is one of the best tools available. It makes sure that none of your files get corrupted and your task is executed swiftly.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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