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Export Outlook Contacts to Excel – Top 2 Methods

Bella Blackwell ~ Modified: March 17, 2023 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you looking for ways to export contacts from Outlook to Excel? If yes, then continue reading because this article is intended for all those people who want to learn about how to export Outlook contacts to Excel.

With the increasing popularity of MS Outlook, more and more businesses are using it as their primary email client. While on the other hand, an Excel spreadsheet helps manage a large amount of data.

The Outlook contacts are essential for the working of any business, so having its excel file ready with you becomes a must. The Excel program supports multiple formats including CSV which stores data in a tabular structure. A CSV file is the easiest way to export Outlook contacts to another account.

In the following write-up, you will learn two methods to solve your problem. One is the automated method chosen by the top professionals and the other is a manual practice. So let’s dive into the solution section.

How to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel?

An Excel spreadsheet can be easily created out of Outlook contacts. Excel sheet supports numerous file formats apart from CSV such as .xls, .xlsx, .xlam, .xla, and many more. MS Outlook does not provide any direct method to export files in any of these formats. So if you want to create any such file, you would have to repeat the process which is not very convenient.

The Outlook to vCard Export Tool is a skillful utility that helps you export contacts from Outlook to Excel effectively. The best feature of this software is the ability to execute the process even without installing Outlook on your system. Confused? Don’t worry! Here is the functioning of this application that will solve all your doubts.

Steps to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system.

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export outlook contacts to excel

Step 2: Click on Add File and load the Outlook contact file or folder in the software. You can also choose to allow the software to auto-detect the location of the file.

export outlook contacts to excel

Step 3: The application will now scan the file for any errors. After this, it will provide you with a preview of all contacts.

export outlook contacts to excel

Step 4: Select those contacts that you would like to export into a spreadsheet. Now, choose the CSV format, browse a location to save the file, and hit the export button.

export outlook contacts to excel

Easy, right?

Note: This software also permits you to extract contacts to Excel from an OST file. Both OST and PST Outlook data files are compatible with this application.

Manual Method to Export Outlook Contacts to Excel:

  1. Open Outlook and click on the File option, select Open & Export.
  2. Click on Import/Export>> Export to a File>> Next.
  3. Now, select Comma Separated Values>> Next.
  4. Next, select the folder you want to export contacts from.
  5. Provide a destination location to save the file>> Next.
  6. Last, map custom fields>> Finish.

This is how you can successfully export Outlook contacts to Excel. If you wish to save the resultant file in any other Excel-supported format, open it in an Excel spreadsheet and save it in another format.

Restrictions Imposed by the Manual Method:

Here are some restrictions caused by the manual way when you export contacts from Outlook to Excel.

  1. Mapping the fields takes a lot of time when you practice the manual method.
  2. Outlook limits the mapping fields. You can map only a few fields with the Excel file but not all of them.
  3. In circumstances where Outlook freezes or crashes abruptly leads to corruption of the source data files i.e., contacts. This can be avoided by using the above-mentioned tool.

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Here you learned two different ways to export contacts from Outlook to Excel. The manual method is quite lengthy and requires some technical knowledge on your end. Also, the probability of encountering any error increases or may even lead to the permanent corruption of your Outlook contacts. Whereas, the software recommended above is the safest method used by thousands of clients worldwide. It promises to give 100% accurate results. You just have to add .pst or .ost files to export Outlook contacts to Excel and you are good to go.