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How to Export Outlook Contacts to Another Account?

Aisha ~ Modified: March 17, 2023 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Have you created a new Outlook account for work or personal reasons and need to have the contacts from your previous account in the new one? There can be several other reasons why you would require to export Outlook contacts to another account. Many thoughts must have crossed your mind and the first must have been to re-enter the entire contacts list in the new account. But thankfully, there are much simpler and easier ways to get the job done without needing to spend a lot of time doing it.

Here in this article, we will take you through two different methods to achieve your target with step-by-step explained procedures.

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How to Export Outlook Contacts to Another Account?

Here, we will explain two different ways to achieve the results. One method talks about the manual procedure and another one discusses the smarter way to achieve the same result.

Method 1: The smartest way to achieve perfect results is to use the software. First, you are required to convert Outlook contacts to vCard format. A VCF (vCard) file is a standard virtual business card file that is universally used to transfer contacts from one platform or device to another.

After this, you will have to import vCard contacts to Outlook.

Another way would be to transfer the contacts manually into CSV format and then move them into another account. But this would take you a lot of time as you can’t transfer multiple contacts in a single attempt manually.

Hence, we recommend using the application for easy, fast, and accurate results.

Why take the help of the tool?

  • Transfer multiple contacts in a single attempt
  • Scans and loads the PST files before converting
  • Moves corrupted/orphaned/password-protected files
  • Preserves the contact details during the process

Steps to Export Outlook Contacts to Another Account

1. Download the tool to move the contacts into the vCard file format and add the required file.

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2. Next, the tool will scan and load the files in the tool and provide its preview.


3. After this, select the “vCard” file format from the panel and provide a location to save the file.


4. At last, hit the Export button and the process will start.


A resultant file has been created that contains the Outlook contacts. Now to export Outlook contacts to another account, you’ll have to transfer this file to the new Outlook. Follow the below-given steps to know how:

5. Download the vCard Importer software and launch it to transfer the file into the new Outlook account. Add a File or Folder containing contact files.

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6. After loading the files, you can preview their details and attributes.


7. Next, you have to select the export type. You can choose to export the contacts to an already existing PST file or a new file. Also, you can migrate the contacts into a default MS Outlook profile.


8. Hit the Export button to begin the process.


Voila! The process to export Outlook contacts to another account has been accomplished. Other than this, there are manual ways too to finish the task. Here in the later section of the article, we have provided you with ways to do it manually. There are a few limitations to this manual method. You cannot export multiple contacts manually in a single attempt into the vCard format. You will have to transfer each contact separately.

Method 2: Manual Method to Export Outlook Contacts

1: Open Outlook>> File>> Open & Export.
2: Choose Import/Export>> Export to a File>> Next.
3: Choose CSV format>> Next & choose contacts folder>> Next.
4: Browse a location to save & store CSV file>> OK.
5: Now, map custom fields and click on Finish.

A separate CSV file has been created. To transfer this, perform these steps:

6: Launch the second account and click on File>> Open & Export.
7: Click on Import/Export and choose Import.
8: Now, choose “Import from another program or file”>> Next.
9: Choose Comma Separated Values>> Next.
10: Now, browse the contact file you wanna import.
11: Select if you want duplicate contacts and click on Next.
12: Now select the folder to import the file into and map the custom field.

Done! The file has been successfully exported from one account to another. You will surely achieve the best results when you export Outlook contacts to another account if you follow the above methods step-by-step.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many files can be exported at once?

You can transfer as many files as you want. There are no limitations to the number of files and size of the files.

Can I transfer corrupted files as well?

Yes, you can transfer corrupted files. The software mentioned above also exports orphaned and password-protected files and easily export Outlook contacts to another account.