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Extract Email Addresses from OST File – Expert-Recommended Guide

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 4th, 2024
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Extract Email Addresses from OST File

Summary – Here, you will find a trusted solution to extract email addresses from OST files. We will also be giving a user query for you to understand what situations there can be to find solutions for extraction. Stick to the blog to learn all about extraction and its processes.

Table Of Contents:

As we all know, Outlook stores all its data in either a PST file or an OST file. There are a few users that might need to extract the email addresses for many reasons. You can find one of these reasons as mentioned below:

Extract Email Addresses From OST File – Reasons

When a user has to export email addresses from OST files, numerous causes may emerge, including:

  • To compile a mailing list for future marketing initiatives.
  • Contact customers for product assistance or customer service.
  • To alert customers about product or service upgrades.
  • Maintain contact with previous clients and establish connections with them.
  • To keep track of new relationships and potential clients.
  • Find and remove unnecessary contacts.
  • To find prospective investors or business partners.
  • To find prospective investors or business partners.
  • To discover people to contact regarding job listings or other recruitment efforts.
  • To do market research or surveys.
  • Check contact information for lead generation.

User Query – I had received various emails regarding a case from which a few contained some proof of the case. Now, all these are stored in an OST file and I can’t find any solution to extract email addresses from an OST file altogether. There are a ton of email messages and I can’t go looking at every email and extract the addresses from them one-by-one. Is there any solution that can make this work easy?

There are not many solutions to solve this query and others that are similar regarding the extraction. Here, you have only one solution that can be used which is explained in the following section. Check it out.

Know About: Extract Email Addresses from the .msg File.

How to Export Email Addresses from OST File?

The solution to get the email addresses is quite easy to learn as there is not much that you have to do to complete the process. You just have to download a tool named Outlook Email Address Extractor and the interface of the tool will help you understand the steps.

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You can get the addresses from Outlook profile, PST, BAK, OST, etc. file(s) and store them on your local storage. This tool is capable of extracting the email IDs in PST, VCF, and CSV file formats.

There is a lot more that you should know about the tool which we will be explaining in detail later. Let’s first look at the workings of this software so that you understand how easy it is to use.

Measures to be Taken to Extract Email Addresses from OST File

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Install and run the software. Select the OST/PST/BAK radio button and choose the Add File(s) option.

add ost file

2. Select the files from which you want to extract the addresses and hit Next. Choose the properties in the Select Properties field and press Next.

select properties

3. Choose the Export Type as CSV and click on the next button.

choose CSV

4. Apply the filters for selective extraction and hit the Extract button to finish off the process to extract email addresses from OST file.

click on extract button

This is how you can export email addresses from OST files using the tool. There are other features provided to you such as Domain Name which you can mark if you want to include or exclude specific email addresses.

Mark the check box beside Exclude email addresses if it contains any of the following so that the emails containing certain words can be avoided.

Select the Extract email addresses if contains the following phrase in the subject option which makes it easier for you to find the emails faster.

Let’s learn about the features in detail now that you know how easy the tool is to handle.

Merits Offered by the Software for Extraction

As you have seen, there are several options that you can choose from while performing the task. Let’s now find out in detail what this software offers to make the procedure easy and fast.

  • Filters Provided: The application offers two types of filters to the users:
  1. Date Filter – Provide a period to the software by setting the From and To date to selectively extract email addresses from OST file.
  2. Select Properties – You can choose the property from which you want to pull the email addresses like From, To, Cc, Bcc.
  • Exporting Options: Here you get three options to choose from to export your extracted addresses which include PST, VCF, and CSV. You can choose any one of these formats as per your requirements.
  • Extraction Process Report: When the process finishes, you will be given an option to generate the report of the extraction process. This report consists of all the email addresses that you have extracted along with the failures, if any in a CSV file.
  • Compatibility – You can extract multiple or single email addresses using this tool in Outlook versions 2019, 2016, 2013, and below. Also, the tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Ending Blog With a Note!

If you want to extract email addresses from OST file carefully and successfully, you should take the aforementioned tool under consideration. Everybody indeed wants a free solution but those come with a heavier price which is not a suitable condition for everyone. Understand how the software works and check out the features it offers to export email addresses from OST file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an OST file?
An OST file is an offline Outlook Data File used by Microsoft Outlook to allow users to interact with their mailbox data even when the Exchange Server is unavailable. When reconnected to the server, it allows for offline access and synchronization.

Can I retrieve email addresses from OST files using programming languages?
Programming languages like as Python can be used to parse and extract data from OST files, depending on the availability of libraries or tools. However, interacting with OST files programmatically may necessitate specialized knowledge or the use of third-party programs.


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