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Want to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive?- Here is the Solution!

Aisha ~ Published: January 27, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

There could be the various instance when your system works in a strange manner, thereby leading to data loss. Now, to overcome this mysterious behaviour of the system, hard drive came into the picture. By this, users can back up their data in a secure place, which can be accessed at any time. Have you ever thought that this hard drive being an electronic device is also prone to corruption? Yes, the Hard drive can also get damaged at times. Whenever such corruption occurs, the very first query comes to one’s mind is how to fix corrupted hard drive? Here we will discuss the various approaches, which can be followed to get your hard drive recovered in an effective way.

Let’s follow a user scenario,

“Please help! I have an external hard drive i.e., Samsung Ipro Drive. A few days back, the drive got unplugged during data transfer. Because of which, I am not able to access my data as the drive got corrupted. It’s a 1 TB drive with all my important files and documents. So, please suggest me the best solution to recover corrupted hard drive.”

Various Symptoms When Hard Drive is Corrupted

  • A prompt message is displayed i.e., “Sector not found”
  • Generation of weird characters in the Filenames
  • Suddenly the file system appears as RAW
  • A warning message showing “disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it?”

What Makes Users to Find Solutions to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive?

Following are the reasons behind the corruption of Hard Disk:

  • When the drive is attacked by virus or malicious software
  • Sudden power failure while copying data to an external hard drive
  • The human error such as an improper way of ejecting an external drive
  • When the boot sector for system disk partition gets damaged
  • Any physical damage or file system error can cause drive corruption

Some Frequently Used Techniques to Resolve Corruption Issue

Find the following methods to fix the damaged Hard drive without any data loss:

1. Recover Corrupted Hard Drive Using Cmd Prompt in Admin Mode

Here, we will be using Check Disk utility to get your corrupted hard drive recovered. Therefore, follow the below-listed steps in sequence,

  • Type Command Prompt on the search bar and right-click on it and select Run as administrator

Open Command Prompt

  • Then, type chkdsk C: /F to restore damaged hard drive, where C is the drive letter
  • A user can make a thorough scan process by adding more options in the command as chkdsk C: /F /X /R and hit Enter
  • Here, /X ensures the volume to disconnect before the scan process starts
  • /R navigates the bad sectors and recovers readable data
  • Now, if the system asks to restart, then press Y key
  • Then, wait until the Check Disk utility fix the hard drive for errors

Note: Chkdsk is not a fool-proof solution as it somehow fails to fix all the errors while repairing the corrupted HDD.

2. Using File Manager

  • Launch File Manager on your system and select the corrupted drive and go to Properties
  • Now, select Tools and check under Error Checking
  • If the drive consists of errors, then click on Repair This Drive option
  • By following the above steps will help to fix the corrupted hard drive

3. Format the Drive

  • Firstly, right-click on This PC or My Computer and click the Manage option
  • In the new windows which appear, select Disk Management from the left pane
  • Right-click on the volume to be formatted and click Format
  • Then, enter the name of the disk, select the file system and keep the default allocation size and click OK

  • It will take a couple of minutes to format the hard disk.

Why Did Manual Methods fail to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive?

  • The above driven manual approaches require accurate technical knowledge
  • The steps are quite complex and hence a naive user can find it difficult
  • Fails to repair all the errors from an external hard drive, only limited errors are fixed
  • Can lead to severe issues like loss of data and file integrity issues

Automated Solution to Recover Corrupted Hard Disk

After knowing the various consequences of the above described manual methods, users might turn curious in knowing the proper solution. Now, to fix corrupted hard drive, try to use some reliable professional tool like Hard Drive Data Recovery tool. It is an amazing tool with no risk of data loss or other technical failures. It is a complete solution to recover and restore damaged hard drive within few simple clicks.

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The steps to initiate the process and complete it successfully are quite easy. Find these below:

Step 1 – Launch the software once downloaded.

install hdd retriever tool

Step 2 – Choose the partition and select Scan or Formatted Scan as required.

preview hdd data

Step 3 – Preview the data in left panel and choose files to recover.

preview files

Step 4 – Choose destination location and export.

best software

What Makes this Tool Distinct to Repair Corrupted HDD?

It is loaded with so many dynamic features. Thus, making a smooth process for the users to get their hard drive repaired from corruption. With the help of this tool, now users can recover data from any internal and external hard drive. The attached external device can be easily detected using the Refresh option. In addition to this, all the recovered files that from been deleted permanently is highlighted in red color. Because of its wide range of features, users can reliably use this tool to recover corrupted hard drive.

Closing Words

One can make use of the manual solutions to fix corrupted hard drive. However, it has its own set of limitations. Now, to overcome these shortcomings, we have discussed the automated tool. It is designed with a powerful algorithm to recover lost, damaged or corrupted data from a hard drive. It is a one-stop remedy, which also helps to recover data from GPT and MBR partitions.