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Guided Method to Print Bookmarks in Adobe PDF

Amanda Stanford ~ Published: July 26, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution to take printouts of bookmarked pages of PDF documents? Tried multiple ways but couldn’t find the best solution. Don’t worry as you have landed on the right page that will surely provide the best and working method to print bookmarks in adobe PDF. Keep reading this article as this will give you a fruitful solution.

From the user’s point of view, PDF is a document file format is quite famous for saving their data in form of a PDF. It is considered the best file format as it maintains the file’s structure and its font. Also users can easily save and access data. Like MS Word, PDF also provides the facilities like reading, printing, editing etc. With that, it also offers the feature to Bookmark important pages and sometimes users are required to print bookmarks in adobe PDF files. So, this article speaks about the best techniques that can be used to execute the task of printing bookmarks in PDF.

Print Only Bookmarks in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

One of the best ways that a user has to print bookmarked pages is by using Adobe Reader Pro which provides the option to create bookmarks and print them easily. The application is chargeable on monthly basis, so the user will need to buy the full version to use.

Initially, users will need to select and highlight the bookmarks they want to print.

Then right-click on the Highlighted bookmark pages and select the Print option and the process to print bookmarks in adobe PDF will successfully be done.

What If the user has a PDF and wants to create bookmarks and then print them?

In this case, open the PDF file and follow the steps Tool>Edit PDF>More>Bookmark. And then after the bookmarking step is completed then follow the printing process as we explained above.    

Note – The user will need to purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Apart from that, for multiple PDF files, the user will need to repeat the process, again and again to print only bookmarks in PDF files.

While dealing with multiple PDF files having bookmarks in each. It could become a time-taking process to print bookmarks in multiple PDF files. Hence, using advanced and trusted software will be an ideal solution.

How to Print Bookmarks in Adobe PDF File Using the Best Technique?

What users generally prefer is to try to generate maximum and best output in less time. First extracting and then printing bookmarks from multiple PDF files will totally go against what they think. So, in order to extract and print bookmarked pages from all the PDF files, using the PDF Extractor Software will be the best solution. With the help of this tool, the process of extracting bookmarks from single/multiple files will get easier. It extracts bookmarked pages, creates a new file and saves them. Rest the only thing which remains is to print only Bookmarks in PDF file which has created by the tool.

Features of The Utility Are:

  • Provides the option to Extract Inline Images, Meta data, Attachments, Hyperlinks, Bookmarks, and RTF (Rich Text Files).
  • Capable to extract data from PDF documents and from multiple PDF files.
  • Using this tool, you can extract data from restricted/Secured PDF files.
  • Maintains the Structure of the Extracted text in a PDF file.
  • Can use this tool to extract PDF Text on Mac OS and Windows OS.
  • Also, it maintains the page number of the extracted PDF text file.

Manual Guide to Use the Utility to Print Bookmarks in Adobe PDF

  • Launch the software by downloading and installing it on the local system.

print bookmarks in adobe PDF

  • Use the Add Files/Add Folder option to load the PDF files.

add pdf files

  • Use the Change button to set the location to save the extracted PDF file.

set the location to save PDF file

  • Now, select the Bookmark item under the Extract tab and apply the needful filters.

choose bookmark option and apply filters

  • Mark any of the options to either choose each bookmark page into an individual PDF or all of them in a single PDF file.

print bookmarks in adobe PDF

  • Finally, using the Extract button initiate the process of to print bookmarks in adobe PDF.

print bookmarks in adobe PDF

Till here, we have successfully extracted the bookmarks and created PDF files which contain the Bookmarked pages. Now, users can simply start printing each file easily.

The main advantage of using this is that it saves time in extracting bookmarks from multiple PDF files.

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For some users creating bookmarks can be easier or at time users do get the PDF files with some pages bookmarked and requires getting the printouts of marked pages. So, here we have explained the method to print bookmarks in adobe PDF. Other than that if a user wants to extract the bookmark pages from multiple PDF files then they can use the automated tool and print them easily.