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Remove Permission Password From PDF If Forgot Permissions Password

Sherry James | Modified: 2021-04-17T10:01:33+00:00
Remove Permission Password from PDF

Query: Are you searching for a solution to remove permission password from PDF free & forgot permissions password? You are at the right place, just go through this blog and the methods to remove PDF permissions. 

Remove Permission Password from PDF

Some PDF documents are locked with a password security that you must enter each time you want to open the files. You can remove permission password and save yourself some inconvenience if you keep the PDF file in a safe place.

I am going to explain 2 ways to remove the password here: A PDF print trick that works for all OS with applications you already have, and with the help of Adobe Acrobat. Both methods suppose that you know the password for the PDF file. Unfortunately, there is no other way for password removal if you do not know it.

Instantly Remove Permissions Password from PDF File

If you want a quick solution to remove the passwords, you should use PCVITA PDF Restriction Remover Tool to perform the operation easily. Removing the permissions from owner level as well as user level becomes an easy task while using this tool.

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There is no requirement for the users to have Adobe Acrobat installed on their systems to unlock the files. It is possible to keep the PDF file unlocked by providing the option “Keep Source PDF password.”

Let’s a look at the working of this tool to remove permission password from PDF:

Step 1 – Download the tool on Windows OS desktop and run it.

pdf unlocker

Step 2 – Click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option.

add files

Step 3 – Choose Save or Print option as per your choice.


Step 4 – Select the Change button to choose the desired destination path of the end result.


Step 5 Press the Unlock button and the tool will start removing the permissions from selected files even if someone forgot PDF permissions password.


Are There Any Free of Cost Methods for Password Removal? 

Indeed, there are a few methods that are free of cost and help users to remove permission password from PDF. Let’s see the below steps to remove password manually.

    • Open PDF file in which you want to remove security settings.

Locked PDF File

    • Go to Main Menu, hit on “Document” and select “Security”. A second menu will open.

Select Security

    • Select “Show Security Settings” >> hit on the “Security” tab.

Show Security

  • In the Security Method box, click on “down” arrow and set “Password Security” settings to “No Security”.
  • Hit on “OK” to remove PDF permissions. This will also delete all other security settings.
  • Go to “File” >> select “Save” to save PDF document.

After performing the above steps you or anyone able to open and edit the PDF document. Now, no password prompting window will appear.

Note: If you don’t save the PDF document, then the file will retains its security.

Use PDF Print Trick to Remove PDF Permissions 

This may seem a little silly, but you can easily remove encryption from the file by opening it and printing a new PDF. Your system will create a copy of the PDF document, and the duplicate will not have the password.

This trick only works if the PDF has no printing restrictions. However, many PDF files are password protected for encryption and can be printed out normally once you enter the password.

You can remove permission password from PDF in a few ways. If you’re using Chrome on Windows, Mac OS, Linux or Chrome OS, you can download it directly from your browser. First, open the PDF document and enter the password you need. Click the “Print” button on the PDF toolbar while viewing the password-protected document.

    1. Hit on “Change” button under “Destination”. Select “Save as PDF”. Click “Save” button.

Save as PDF

  1. Afterwards, it will ask for a name & location for the new PDF file. New Adobe PDF file will have the same content as it was in original PDF file. But, this PDF is free from restrictions.

This trick will work only in Google Chrome on any OS, but you can perform the same method with other applications.

Remove Permission Password from PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro (paid application) to remove password permission from the file. Adobe Acrobat Pro even works if the PDF printing restrictions, and can not be printed in other applications with the above trick.

  1. Open PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro & enter a password to view it. Hit on the lock icon in the left side & click on “Permissions”. You can also go to File Properties “Security” tab.
  2. Hit on the “Security Method” >> select “No security” and click “OK” to remove password.
  3. Click File >> Save to save your changes.


In the above article, there are multiple solutions available to remove permission password from PDF file even if you forgot PDF permissions password. With PDF print, Adobe Acrobat and the software as mentioned, you can remove PDF permissions. The choice is all yours, which solution you want to use.