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How to Remove Permissions Password From PDF if Forgotten?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 27th, 2024
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The Portable Document Format was designed by Adobe co-founder Dr. John Warnock and launched in 1993. Also, at that time, no one knew that this file format would become the most preferred one in the world. However, due to some reasons, PDF documents are locked with password security and you have to remove permissions password from PDF to open the files. 

But this is a tricky and complicated task, if not followed the instructions properly. For the same, here you will explore 3 ways to remove the password: A PDF print trick that works for all OS systems, Adobe Acrobat, and an automated solution. Remember both manual methods suppose that you know the password for the PDF file. 

List of Topics Explained in this Article:

User Query: “Hello, experts! Can anyone tell me the solution i.e. how to unlock permissions on a PDF? I have numerous PDFs to be unlocked, and the worst thing is I don’t know the password. To tackle the issue, I tried manual solutions which are Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Google Chrome but these services are not up to the mark. If you know the better solution, then please help me!!!”

Quick Solution to Remove Permissions Password from PDF

To resolve the above user query here we have one quicker and more efficient solution i.e. PCVITA PDF Restriction Remover Tool. While using this tool removing the permissions from the owner level as well as the user level becomes easier. As well as there is no requirement for the users to have Adobe Acrobat installed on their systems to unlock the files.

Curious, to know about more salient features of this, then go through the below-mentioned points:

  • With a robust and user-friendly interface, one can easily unlock PDF restrictions, permissions, and security in just a few clicks.
  • It ensures document integrity post-signature removal, preserving original quality.
  • No need for Adobe Acrobat or PDF editors for usage.
  • No access code is required to remove permissions password from PDF.
  • This utility is not limited to Windows OS, Mac users can also use this to remove password from encrypted PDF.

Resolved – How to Unlock Permissions on a PDF?

Let’s a look at the working of this tool to remove permission password from PDF:

1 – Download the tool on a Windows OS desktop and run it.

run the tool

2 – Click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option to begin the insertion of PDF files.

upload PDF files

3 – Choose the Save or Print option as per your choice.

select the save option

4 – Select the Change button to choose the desired destination path of the result.

click on change button

5 –  Press the Unlock button and the tool will start removing the permissions from selected files even if someone forgot the PDF permissions password.

hit on unlock

How to Unlock Permissions on a PDF Manually? 

Indeed, there are a few methods that help users to remove permissions password from PDF files including:

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Adobe Acrobat Pro

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the same in detail. But keep in mind, that these are manual solutions, so they have some limitations also. So, follow the instructions carefully for minimal disruptions.

#Approach 1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

It is the most common and widely used technique to execute the “how to unlock permissions on a PDF” task. But with this, you need the required permission password. Afterward, just follow these guidelines:

  • Upload the PDF file within the Adobe Acrobat reader, and enter the password to remove permissions password from PDF.

open PDF file

  • Go to the Main Menu, hit on “Document” and select “Security”. A second menu will open.

Select Security

Select “Show Security Settings” >> hit on the “Security” tab.

Show Security

  • In the Security Method box, click on the “down” arrow and set the “Password Security” settings to “No Security”.
  • Hit on “OK” to remove PDF permissions. This will also delete all other security settings.
  • Go to “File” >> Select “Save” to save the PDF document.

After performing the above steps you or anyone able to open and edit the PDF document. Now, no password prompting window will appear.

Note: If you don’t save the PDF document, then the file will retain its security.

#Approach 2. Use PDF Print Trick to Remove Permissions Password From PDF

This may seem a simple one, but you can easily resolve the hassle of how to unlock permissions on a PDF by opening it and printing a new PDF. Your system will create a copy of the PDF document, and the duplicate will not have the password.

This trick only works if the PDF has no printing restrictions. However, many PDF files are password-protected for encryption and can be printed out normally once you enter the password.

First, download the Google Chrome from But if you are already using Chrome on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Chrome OS, then just go through the steps which are as follows:

  • Open the PDF document and enter the password you need.
  • Click the Print button on the PDF toolbar while viewing the password-protected document.
  • Hit on the “Change” button under “Destination”. Select “Save as PDF”. Click the “Save” button.

Save as PDF

  • Afterward, it will ask for a name & location for the new PDF file.
  • The new Adobe PDF file will have the same content as it was in the original PDF file. But, this PDF is free from restrictions.

This trick will work only in Google Chrome on any OS, but you can perform the same method with other applications to fix the issue of how to unlock permissions on a PDF.

#Approach 3. Remove Permissions Password From PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

For modifying the PDFs, Adobe provides the Acrobat Pro Tool, which seems so expensive to afford. But, it can easily unlock or lock the PDF hassle-free. You can download this solution from, if not bought it yet. Then, let’s delve into step-by-step guidelines to initiate the task:

  1. Open a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro & enter a password to view it. Hit on the lock icon on the left side & click on “Permissions”. You can also go to the File Properties “Security” tab.
  2. Hit on the “Security Method” >> select “No security” and click “OK” to remove the password.
  3. Click File >> Save to save your changes.

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The above write-up explains there are multiple solutions available to remove permissions password from PDF with or without permissions passwords. With the mentioned manual techniques users can proceed with the task if they know the required password. Moreover, those users who lost their password can opt for a specified smart utility. The choice is all yours, which solution you want to use.

Most Common Queries Asked

Q1. How can I access the data in the PDF files without password?

Well, you can use the specified automated tool which helps to unlock your PDF files in case the user doesn’t have a password to open or perform any actions on it.

Q2. How do I remove editing restrictions from a password-protected PDF?

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro version to remove permissions password from PDF files. In case of multiple PDF files, we suggest using a professional solution which we have explained in this blog. It is an ideal solution when having several PDF files to unlock.

Q3. What are the methods to unlock permissions on a PDF efficiently?

If you have a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can go with that, Google Chrome can also be used to save as a new PDF, or if you want to disable the restrictions instantly then consider using the smart software.

Q4. Can I remove other types of restrictions besides permissions passwords from a PDF?

Yes, one can easily remove other types of PDF restrictions like printing, copying, and editing content using any of the solutions described in this write-up.

Q5. What if I want to retain the permissions password but remove specific restrictions?

The solution to this query is Adobe Acrobat Pro. For the same, you can follow these steps: open Adobe Acrobat Pro>select Tools > Protection > Encrypt > More Options>modify the PDF as you desire.


By Mohit Jha

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