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How do I Enable Document Assembly in PDF Documents Efficiently?

Sherry James ~ Published: 28-Sep-2020 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

“I got a PDF document in which security settings “PDF Document Assembly” is mentioned as “Not Allowed”. I want to change this permission from Not Allowed to Allowed so that can combine multiple PDF reports. I want all my documents to get assemble into a single PDF document. Does anyone know how do I enable document assembly in PDF files? Please recommend the reliable solution for the same.”

“Hello everyone, I am Mack Jones working as a Technical Assistant. I received a mail from my Manager and he attached some PDF files. My task is to assemble these files into a single PDF document and send him the document. I tried to assemble them by using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC but for some file it not allowing me to do so. I checked online and came to know that the file contains restrictions & to eliminate those restrictions I must have permission password. However, I am not aware of such passwords. Can anyone tell me how can I allow document assembly in PDF documents?”

For securing the documents PDF owner often put security settings on their PDF files. While the documents are allowed to be viewed, circulated or printed, but can’t be edited. Only creators choose what all permissions need to be allowed or disallowed. These permissions include copy, edit, comment, document assembly, page extraction, etc.

However, in this blog, we have answered the solution for the most frequently searched query on the internet i.e. “how do i enable document assembly in PDF”. Different methods are described in this write-up along with the detailed working. One is by using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC & the other one is PDF Restriction Remover Software. Users can select any of these solutions as per their requirements.

Some Recommendations to Check Associated PDF Restrictions

It might be possible that along with Document assembly, the file is restricted for other restrictions as well. So, if the user wants to know what all restrictions are associated with the document they can use the tools offered by Adobe i.e. Acrobat Pro DC or Acrobat Reader DC.

Both of these utilities help in viewing the security properties added by the PDF owner. Now, to view PDF file permissions follow these steps:

1- Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
2- Click on File >> Properties >> Security
3- View the entries below Documents Restrictions Summary
4- From here check what all actions are Allowed & Not Allowed

Enable Document Assembly in PDF With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC?

Follow these simple steps to allow document assembly in PDF documents:

1- Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
2- Click on Tools >> Protect >> Encrypt >> Remove Security
3- Type the permission password in “Enter Password” box & click on OK
4- Again, click on the OK button to confirm the action


1- At a time single PDF file can be unsecured
2- Requires PDF permission password

How Do I Enable Document Assembly in PDF Documents With Tool?

PDF File Restriction Remover Tool does not require permission password unlock PDF restrictions. All copy, print, edit, comment, sign, document assembly, page extraction, etc, can be unlocked by the software. It also supports to remove user-level password security from PDF documents. But, it is necessary that the respective PDF password must be known. Also, the tool allows users to save or print unlocked PDF documents.

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How to Allow Document Assembly in PDF Files

Follow these steps to change permissions of PDF document assembly not allowed to allowed:

1- Download and run the tool on Windows Operating System

2- Choose either Add Files / Add Folder option to insert PDF documents

add pdf files

3- Select any of these options “Save” or “Print”


4- Hit on the Change button & select destination location for saving output PDF


5- After that, click the Unlock button to start the process


6 -Finally, “The PDF Files are Unlocked Successfully” message will be displayed

process completed


How do I enable document assembly in PDF files is the most frequently asked query by the users. In this write-up, we have covered two solutions for the resolution of this query. One is the manual method and the other one is by using an automated solution. However, manually we can allow document assembly in PDF but it is necessary that the permission password must be known. But, those users who don’t know such passwords can try the automated software to change PDF document assembly not allowed to allowed.