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Unable to Print Large PDF Files? – Explore the Solution Here

Amanda Stanford ~ Modified: August 17, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: On a daily basis, the PDF format is used widely to view and print data files. However, sometimes users might be able to view but get unable to print large PDF files. As the printing option is disable. So, we have discussed the best solution using which users will be able to print the restricted PDF files.

Do you have multiple Restricted PDF Documents that you are not able to print? So, here in this article, we will be explaining the best solution that will surely help users who can’t print large PDF files which are owner-level secured.

The PDF (Portable Document File) is the most popular file format and is considered to view data like Text documents, images, email data, etc. The PDF format was developed by Adobe Acrobat, making it easier for users to access their files and folder data in PDF format. And users can easily share their files with other users.

 User Query: Recently I got multiple PDF files where the option to print the file has been restricted. I am unable to print large PDF files, no matter where I open the file. I can access the file but am not able to take the print of the document which is quite frustrating. Tried multiple ways but did not get any perfect one. Can anyone help me with this?

 Here, the user has multiple PDF documents but is not able to print them. Because in restricted PDF files users can’t print the file. The printing option is in “Disable Mode” for all those files. Due to this, they can’t print large PDF files.

Why User Gets Unable to Print Secured PDF Files?

When a user receives secure PDF files. One thing that the user must know is that there are two types of password-protected PDF files.

  1. Owner Lever Security – In this, the user requires the permission password to print, edit, and copy locked PDF files.
  2. User Level Security – To view or access the PDF files user will need to enter the password.

Sometimes they might be having a user-level password, however, if the owner-level password is not there with the user. Then the user gets unable to print large PDF Files. As the printing option is not available for the user. 

Is there Any Manual Solution Available?

At this moment, if the user has the PDF files with the Owner Lever Protection (printing option disabled) then in that case there is no manual solution to print the files. Either the user has to enter the password for every PDF file which can be a tedious task when it comes to taking the print of a large number of files. Or they have to use trusted and reliable software that can enable the printing option for them. So, if the user has the restricted PDF file. Then the professional tool will be the better option to use. 

Use the Finest Software When User is Unable to Print Large PDF Files

It becomes easier when the user can view multiple PDF files and print them. However, things get worst when the user can only access large PDF files but can’t print them. Because the printing option is locked by the sender. Moreover, the user does not have any manual procedure which they can follow and enable the printing option. So, here the user can look for a Software to Remove PDF File Print Restriction, using which they can simply Unblock the printing option. This software is also capable of removing permissions password from PDF documents. 

If the user wants to print corrupted PDF file(s), then this tool is not suitable for that. It does not remove passwords from damaged or corrupted PDF files.     

Note – The user will only require the Owner level password to Open/Access the PDF files. Rest this tool will handle the task of enabling the printing option.  

Why this Tool Should be Used When User Cannot Print Large PDF Files

This tool helps the user to remove the restrictions for Copying, Printing, Page Extraction, and Editing PDF files. 

  • Provides the option to load and unlock large and multiple PDF files at once.
  • It does not require installing the Adobe Acrobat Application and it supports all the versions of it.
  • It offers the facility to Save or Print Unlocked PDF documents.
  • Helps in removing Signature Restrictions and also allows Form Filling in PDF.   
  • It is capable of removing encryption of 128-bit (AES and RC4)/256-bit AES from the PF files.
  • The software supports Windows 32-bit and 64-bit OS and Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions

Guided Steps to Steps Enable Printing Option in Restricted PDF File  

For Windows:

Download Now Purchase Now

For Mac:

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  • To Avoid this issue “cannot print large PDF files”, download and install the tool on the system.

unable to print large PDF Files

  • Load the files using the Add File(s)/ Add Folder(s).

Can't Print Large PDF Files

  • Now enter the password if the PDF document is Password-Protected. If the file is Restricted, then the user does not need to enter the password.

Unable to Print Large PDF Files

  • Now choose the PDF files to Save or Print. And set the destination path by clicking the Change button.

set the destination path

  • Finally, select the Unlock Option to initiate the process of enabling the Print option in the PDF file.

can't to print large PDF Files

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In this article, we have explained the solution for those users who are unable to print large PDF Files. Here, we have discussed the tool-oriented solution to enable the printing option in a secured PDF file with proper steps.