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Learn How to Perform Google Calendar Backup & Protect the data

Admin ~ Published: July 15, 2019 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Nowadays most of the users rely on the Google Calendar to organize their meetings and appointments. In the busy world, this helps the users to remind their important events without any time delay. But it will be a disaster if these important data stored in the calendar were lost. The best way to avoid such a situation is by taking the Google Calendar backup. Now you start to thinking does Google backup calendar data. Now stop thinking we have the answer to all your questions. In this blog, we are going to see how to save Google Calendar items through different methods.

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What Makes the Google Calendar so Popular?

According to the recent analysis, there is a rapid growth in the Google Calendar users globally. Various features and the easy acceptability nature of the calendar attracting the people to use Google Calendar as a part of their daily life. The use G Suite calendar for scheduling their official meeting, appointments, and also to remind the personal events. The few main features that make Google Calendar more useful for the users are:

  • Manage multiple calendars at a time: Google Calendar allows to add multiple calendars to manage events. Providing switching option to manage calendar events from different calendars at the same time.
  • Remainder: Providing reminder option to give alert for the specific events. The reminder appears on the top of the calendar until marked as done. It also allows providing email remainder for the important events.
  • Multi language support: G Suite calendar support multiple languages. So that you can schedule and search for the events in different languages.
  • Searching option: You can search for specific events even though you don’t know the scheduled date. You can find the event through the searching option.
  • Sharing: Allow you to share the calendar events among the friends and family. Adding the events to the individual calendar will help you to share the calendar without including every item on the calendar.
  • Automatic scheduling: Help to schedule the event based on the availability of the time. Find and reschedule the time that works for everyone across the different time zone if there is no suitable time for the current event.

With the help of the Google Calendar, you can do more things other than managing your appointments. The inbuilt functionalities help the users to plane and manage there daily life events in more practical ways. But did you ever think what you will do if your calendar data is loose forever or not accessible in urgent situations? Yes, these are possible situations. The number of Google Calendar users are increasing day by day. More people accessing the data and calendar features at the same time will cause downtime and inaccessibility of data. This will make a huge impact on their daily life. Also, the continuous outage may cause a loss of data. So the only way to protect your data from such a situation is creating a Google Calendar backup. Making the local copy of your calendar events by download Google Calendar will help you to avoid similar problems that make a huge impact on your daily life.

Does Google Backup Calendar?

Whenever think about backup the data from Google Calendar the first question arise from the users’ side is whether Google provides any backup for G Suite calendar. Yes, Google offers the feature that helps the users to save their Google Calendar items. Through the import/export feature provided by Google, you can create the offline copy of your calendar data. Follow the below steps to manually perform the backup data from Google Calendar.

Steps to backup events from a single calendar

1) Open Google Calendar from your system
2) Go to the My calendar section and select the calendar you want to export.
3) Choose the Settings and sharing from the More option.
4) Select the Export calendar option from the Calendar settings. An ICS file contains the events of the corresponding calendar will be download into your local system.

Steps to download events from all calendar

1) Open the Google Calendar on your system.
2) Go to the Settings menu.
3) Select the Import & Export option from the Settings.
4) Select Export from the export section. A zip file containing all your calendar events will be download into your local system.

The manual methods are always time consuming methods. They took a lot of time to complete the backup process. Users always search for free methods to solve their issues. At last most of them reach into the manual methods. But you need to keep in mind all manual methods will not give the ultimate solution to your problem. Each of them has certain limitations and drawbacks.

Alternative Solution for Google Calendar Backup

The best methods to overcome the limitations of the manual method is the alternative tool based solution. PCVITA G Suite Email Backup Tool solution is such a backup solution which will help you to download Google Calendar items secure way. This Google Calendar backup utility will also help to backup your emails, contacts, and calendar data from the G Suite account. Follow the simple procedure given in the bellow section to save Google Calendar items locally into your system. Find the demo versions of the tool here:

Step 1: Install and Run the software on your local system. Select the backup option from the dashboard of the tool after opening it.

Step 2: After selecting the backup option to select the backup type from the opened tab. Which allow you to backup Google Calendar as Single user or Domain user.

user type

  • Single User: Through this option, user can Google Calendar backup of a single user. Only you need to give the credential of the respective user account. This will also allow you to save multiple calendar events under that single account.
  • Domain User: Through this option, the domain/ admin user can download Google Calendar data from its user accounts by using the admin credentials.

Note: You need to create & upload a CSV file containing user account ID from which you want to backup the calendar events.

After selecting the user type you will be redirected to a window where you have to validate the user accounts.

Step 3: After validating the accounts configuration window will appears from which you need to select File format and Select category. To save Google Calendar items after selecting the file format in which you will save your data then select only the Calendar option from the Select Category.

calendar option

Step 4: Once the backup process starts user can view the live progress report of the process. It gives information such as User Name, Email, Calendar/ Contact/ Document Count, Status, and Action.

progress report

Final Words

Through this blog now you understand two different methods to generate Google Calendar backup. The manual method will help you to save Google Calendar items without any additional requirements. And also we introduce the alternative solution which will helps to overcome limitations of manual method and securely download your data.