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How to Export G Suite Mailbox to PST File – Solved For Single & Domain Users

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Do you need to export G Suite mailbox to PST file? Are you looking for a way to export a single G Suite user or multiple domain user mailboxes? No need to worry. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can perform the migration steps for both individual and bulk user accounts at once. You may choose the step by step guide as per your requirement.

G Suite is a cloud business application that helps a user manage his/her emails, contacts, documents, presentations over the web. So, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your data anywhere, anytime. There is even an option to export the G suite mailboxes manually. However, there are no options to choose the export format. So, a user cannot get his/her data in desired format such as PST. For this reason, we have dished out 2 top techniques that can help a user transfer G Suite emails.

The article showcases two a method that applies to export G Suite user data for:

  1. Single User Account
  2. Multiple User Accounts

You may opt for the preferred solution in the relevant section.

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Exporting G Suite Mailbox to PST for Single User

This method requires the installation of the Outlook application. If you want to perform the migration without using Outlook, you must use a special G Suite Backup Tool. To proceed with the manual steps using Outlook, follow the given steps:

Step 1 is to enable IMAP access in your account.

  • Go to mail.google.com and sign in using your G Suite account.
  • Click on the Gear icon and select Settings.
  • Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option. If this option is not available, then make sure that the admin enables access for you in the G Suite Admin console.
  • Look for and select the Enable IMAP option.
  • Save the changes.
imap access

Step 2 is to configure this account in Outlook

  • Open Outlook, go to File and click on Add account.
add account
  • Input your individual Gmail email address and password and hit the Sign in button.
  • If 2 step verification is enabled, enter the verification code and Allow access in the permissions window.
  • Outlook will configure your G Suite user account. Click on Done.

Step 3 is to export G suite mailbox to PST file

  • In Outlook, go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Select the option “Export to a file” and click on Next button.
  • Now select the Outlook data file option and click on Next button.
  • Select the folder containing G Suite emails and click Next button.
  • Browse the location to save the PST file and click Finish

This is how you can convert emails from a single G Suite user to Outlook PST file format manually.

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Exporting G Suite to PST for Domain Users

The scenario for exporting G Suite domain user accounts is completely different from the previous one. Here, we have to take into consideration the time, effort, amount of data, number of users, and multiple other factors that heavily influence the email migration process. The “Must” choice here is to use specialized tools developed with all these factors in mind. And only the best ones will do, no half-hearted solution can give you precise results.

This is why it is suggested to use PCVITA Google Workspace Backup Tool. It is effective software that can export all your G Suite mailbox into PST file format in one go. It supports batch processing of emails and even provides the option to export contacts, calendars, and documents from the G Suite account. Other advanced features include the ability to select specific user accounts for email migration, filters to export preferred data, and the option to include preferred mailbox folders for the conversion process. Pretty flexible, isn’t it?

Note: The software supports conversion of both (I) Single user account, and (II) Domain users from G suite to PST file format.

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Steps to Export G Suite Emails to PST:

  • Step 1: Run PCVITA G Suite Backup tool and click “Backup”.
  • Step 2: Choose “G Suite” & “Outlook” and select “Email”.
  • Step 3: Enter G suite credentials and destination path.
  • Step 4: Click “Start” to export G Suite to PST at preferred location.

You can also use the tool to export G Suite calendar to Outlook or export contacts from G Suite. The elaborated features of the tool are as follows:

1. Download, Install and Run the software as administrator on your Windows system.

2. On the welcome screen, click on the Backup button.

start the tool

3. Now, choose what account type you want to export to PST – choose G Suite

4. Also, select the data category that you want to export to PST:

  • Email
  • Document
  • Contact
  • Calendar
data category

5. Enter your Admin user id and other details obtained from the prerequisite.

6. Browse the destination location to save the converted PST files.

7. Select the CSV file containing all the G Suite user accounts you want to export to PST.

8. The software will display all the usernames listed in the CSV file. Select the specific users you want to export and click on Next.

9. Click on the Start button to start the export process.

This is how you can export G Suite to PST file for both single and domain user accounts with one solution. Of course, you have the manual method that requires Outlook to export one account at a time. But unlike the software, you don’t have any custom options to include or exclude folders in Outlook. PCVITA provides a free demo version of the software to download and try it before investing your hard-earned money.