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How to Recover Deleted Files from Partitioned Hard Drive?

Christopher Pete ~ Published: February 4, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

A hard drive is used as a storage media in the computer that can save a huge amount of data items. Since there are two partitions, users can choose to store data in any of the two. All the data stored is prone to damage, risk of data lost, etc. which is why it is important to know how to recover deleted files from partitioned hard drives.

Now, while saving data, the partitions used by hard drive NTFS and FAT partition. In case some files are accidentally deleted or lost, the data items are not shown by the computer system during any process. In these days, people completely rely on the hard drive for storing their bulk and important data. So, it becomes a serious problem, when data gets lost from the partition. It may also corrupt NTFS and FAT partition of the hard drive. Most of the people who have faced this type of problem are looking to recover data from formatted hard disk partition.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you the in-depth details on the solutions to get the data back from the partitions of the hard drive such as NTFS and FAT.

Why Are Solutions on How to Recover Deleted Files from Partitioned Hard Drive Needed?

You can understand the requirement of getting back the deleted data from the partition with the help of a user’s query. There are many people who faced the same problem as the below discussed scenario. Let’s have a look on it.

I was using Windows 8 OS on my Lenovo laptop with 3 NTFS partitions. But, now I want to use Windows 10 instead of Windows 8. I install Windows 10 on my laptop, but I am unable to see some files and folders on the (D :),( E :),( F:) partitions. It shows only 140 GB data although I have stored 375 GB data in the hard drive. I am not able to access my lost 235 GB data. Is there any method available to recover the NTFS Partition files? If yes, then please let me know.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Disk Partition?

There are various ways to recover deleted files from partitioned hard drive. Some of the best methods are discussed in this post:

Solution # 1: With the Help of Recycle Bin

If you have deleted some file recently, then it will be moved into the recycle bin folder. Deleted files or folders appear in the recycle bin with its original folder, content, date and time, etc. Find how the solutions to recover your deleted files by following these steps:

1. First of all, double-click on the Recycle Bin icon to open it.
2. Then, locate and select the files or folders that you want to recover.
3. After that, either right-click or tap-and-hold on the selection and choose Restore option.
4. Finally, lost data has been recovered from recycle bin to its original location.

Solution # 2: How to Recover Deleted Files from Partitioned Hard Drive Using the Command Prompt?

You can recover deleted or lost files from NTFS partition as well as from FAT partition with the help of command prompt. However, the command prompt can be used to perform some specific kind of recovery that includes:

File Recovery from Corrupted partitions

Perform the following steps to recover data from corrupted partitions:

1. First of all, connect your Hard disk or drive with your computer system.
2. Now, go to the Start menu, type “cmd” in the search bar & press Enter key.
3. In this step, enter “chkdsk drive letter:/r/f” in the command window.
4. After following these steps, you can recover data from formatted hard disk partition.

Recover Data from RAW drive

With the help of command prompt, you can also recover the deleted files from the raw hard drive. This process is used for both FAT and NTFS hard drive partition recovery.

1. First, plug-in your Hard Drive in your computer system.
2. To begin to process, go to the Start menu & type “cmd” >> press Enter key.
3. Then, enter “diskpart” and hit on Enter key.
4. After that, type “Rescan” & press Enter key again.
5. Finally, your file is successfully recovered.

A Trouble-free Solution on How to Recover Deleted Files from Partitioned Hard Drive

If none of above discussed methods work, then you should try to opt a reliable method like Hard Disk Recovery software. This software is completely able to repair all corrupted or formatted partitions such as GPT, MBR, NTFS, FAT32 and FAT 36 on Windows operating system.

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It provides scan and formatted partition data recovery options to detect and restore all data from deleted partition such as documents, audio files, videos, etc. Moreover, the tool to recover data from formatted hard disk partition is compatible to work with all versions of Windows like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Follow the given steps to get your files recovered:

Step 1 – Download the software and choose the partition to recover data from.

install hdd retriever tool

Step 2 – Display the data and choose the scanning option: Scan or Formatted Scan.

preview hdd data

Step 3 – Preview the recovered files and choose the destination location.

preview files

Step 4 – Click on the Save button to complete the task.

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Data can be lost from hard drive partition any time due to any reasons. So, it is advised to take a backup of hard drive data at a regular interval of time. If you have not taken a backup, then do not worry. In this post, we have discussed some techniques which explain how to recover deleted files from partitioned hard drive. Using Partition Data Recovery software is the best way to retrieve / restore data from both NTFS and FAT Partition.