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How to Recover Missing Contacts in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On November 25th, 2022
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recover deleted contacts from outlook

It is sure that users will remove unwanted contacts from the accounts. Normally users will delete all unnecessary contacts after use. Either in the case of personal or business, users will come across some contacts that are not required in the future. To save space and for maintaining a proper, efficient address book, users often remove the redundant contact items from their Outlook account.

But there are cases like the user needs the removed contacts in the future or sometimes some might accidentally remove some important contacts by mistakes while operating in Outlook. So, users searching for solutions on how to recover missing contacts in Outlook is very often.

How do I Recover Deleted Contacts From Outlook?

To retrieve deleted or missing Outlook contacts, they’re two manual solutions available. One is to recover deleted Outlook contacts from Deleted Items Folder before it across the retention period of the deleted items. The next method is to recover deleted contacts from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 versions from Recoverable Items Folder. Go through the following section to know more about both these two methods:

Recover Contacts From Deleted Items Folder

When you delete or remove a contact from Outlook, it will be moved to Deleted Items folder in the mailbox just as same as deleted email messages. So, you need to check Deleted Items folder if you are searching a deleted contacts. And this is the first solution to recover missing contacts in Outlook. Here we will discuss the steps to recover it.

  • In Microsoft Outlook, in the email folder list, click Deleted Items.

  • Now utilize Search Deleted Items box (or Ctrl + E) to get the contact that you are looking for recovery. Or you can sort Icon column to display contacts in a block or group in the Deleted Items folder.

  • When you get the contacts, right-click on it >> Move >> Other Folder.

  • In order to transfer contact back into the address book, click Contacts >> OK.

Tips to Retrieve Contacts from Deleted Items Folder

When a user deletes a subfolder of the contacts folder, the removes item into Deleted Items Folder and it will appear as a subfolder there. So in order to recover a subfolder with all the contacts from it, just you need to select it from the folder list in Deleted Items. Right-click on it >> Move Folder >> select the Contacts.

Retrieve Contacts That Are No Longer in Deleted Items Folder

So if you fail to find missing contacts in a deleted items folder, then the only manual way to recover missing contacts in Outlook is to check your Recover items folder. This is a kind of hidden folder, where Outlook stores data when you perform one of the following things in your account.

  1. Delete a contact from Deleted Items folder.
  2. Empty your Deleted Items folder.
  3. Permanently delete (Shift +Del) a contact.

Recover Deleted Contacts from Outlook in Recoverable Items folder:

  • In Microsoft Outlook >> email folder list >> Deleted Items folder.
  • Pay attention to select Home option from the menu bar, and click Recover Deleted Items From Server.

  • To get a specific contact from the Recover Deleted Items window, click on the Subject column header to classify the items by that specific column. Now check for the name of the contact. Otherwise, you can also classify the From column and check for the blank entries because the contacts are not having a value in the From field.

  • Now Select all the contact that is to be recovered, press Restore Selected Items >> OK.

The Best Solution to Recover Missing Contacts from Outlook

Recovering deleted items from Outlook is not a difficult task if you go with the right approach. Even if the manual solution available to recover missing contacts from Outlook fails, there is nothing to worry about. You can rely on PCVITA PST File Repair Software to recover missing contacts in Outlook from user PST files. The software provides a very simple procedure to retrieve your removed data. Download the application:

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Steps to Recover Deleted Contacts from Microsoft Outlook

  • The utility provides an option to select or search the PST file from which you need to recover deleted contacts from your Outlook account.

  • Choose Advance Scan Mode from the prompt window display. Then load the PST file by clicking on Add option.

  • The software will scan the loaded PST file, and provide the entire recovered data in the software preview panel.
  • You can view the recovered deleted contact items in the software panel in red color.

  • Now you select the recovered items and export them into the desired export option.

You Should Also Know: The above-mentioned software is an advanced utility that not only helps users to recover missing contacts but also provides an option to recover deleted meetings, emails, and other mailbox items from Microsoft Outlook.


This blog will help you to recover missing contacts in your Outlook account easily. It discusses three different methods to recover deleted Outlook contacts efficiently. Even if the first 2 manual solutions fail to retrieve your data, then you can prefer the automated solution described in the just above section. It guarantees to recover permanently deleted Outlook data items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, etc. from PST files.




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