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How to Save Protected PDF File as Unprotected Document

Sherry James ~ Published: March 9, 2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

PDF is the most preferred file format as it provides high confidentiality as compared to other documents. It is the closest alternative to paperless documents & is mainly used in many legal firms, financial services, businesses or any other departments. People secure them by adding passwords or restrictions so that no one can access them without prior permission. But, sometimes people want to know how to save protected PDF file as unprotected so that they can easily view or open the file.

Basically, it becomes very monotonous or time-consuming for the user to enter the password again and again for viewing the PDF documents. On the other hand, restrictions in PDF documents do not allow the user to perform any action like a copy, edit, print, sign, comment, etc. Hence, for the resolution of these problems it is necessary to remove restrictions from PDF document. Thus, in this blog, we will guide you with simple & easy steps so that the user can save locked PDF as unlocked document on any Mac & Windows machine.

How to Save Protected PDF File as Unprotected on Windows OS?

 PDF File Restriction Remover is a trustworthy and reliable application to save protected PDF file with no password. By using this software users can easily remove permission password security & known user-level password security from PDF. It is a versatile utility having endless features to remove edit protection, print, comment, sign restrictions from PDF files. If the PDF file is having encryption i.e. 128/256 bit then it can be easily removed by the software.

If in case, the protected PDF file is having some corruption issues then it is necessary to repair the file first & then use the tool for removing the protection. Moreover, the software is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System i.e. 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

If the user wants to keep the source PDF password in the output PDF then they can check the option “Keep source PDF password in output PDF“. Also, the tool to save locked PDF file as unlocked document provides a “Save” or “Print” option for saving or printing the unlocked PDF file.

Step by Step Process Working for Windows Users

Follow these simple steps to perform the procedure:

1: Download and launch the software and click on the Unlock button to save protected PDF file as unprotected document.

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2: Now, an Unlock PDF file wizard appears, click on the Add Files / Add Folder option to insert relevant PDFs.

add files

Note: The software will request you to enter the password if the file is password protected, otherwise will proceed further.

Step 3: The software provides two options “Save” & “Print” to move further with the procedure to save protected PDF file as unprotected. 

4: Browse the destination location for saving the resultant PDF document by clicking on “Change”.


5: Then, click on the Unlock button to make a locked PDF unlock.


6: Lastly, the software will notify you with a pop-up message about the process completion.


How to Save Locked PDF as Unlocked Document Manually on Windows?

Yes, Google Chrome provides the functionality to save unprotected PDF. As the user browses the document it will request to enter the document open password like as we have shown in the below screen-shot. But, if the file is protected with restrictions like edit, copy, sign, etc., then in such cases it is necessary that the Print option should be enabled for removing the file security. Otherwise, this manual solution will get fail.

save secured pdf without password

How to Save Protected PDF File as Unprotected on Mac OS X?

This software is also available for Mac users. The Mac version of the program can be used for processing multiple PDF documents. It provides Add File or Add Folder option to insert various PDF files for unlocking purpose. The tool is capable enough to remove 128/192-bit encryption from PDF files. Also, along with password security, it is also possible to remove any type of protection i.e. copy, edit, print, or comment from PDF files.

Steps to Save Locked PDF as Unlocked on Mac

Follow these simple steps to save files without a password on Mac OS X:

1. Download and run the software on a Mac machine.

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2. Click the Add Files or Add Folder button to insert one or more PDF files

add files

3. If the file is password protected then enter it and click on the Next button.

4. Select the location for the resultant document by clicking on Change.


5. Lastly, hit the Unlock button to begin the process.


How to Save a Password Protected PDF File as Unprotected Manually on Mac?

Mac Preview allows users to change protected PDF document. Initially, it will request to enter the password (like as we have shown in the below screenshot). However, after applying the password the document will become password-free. But, one thing should be noted the Encrypt option should be unchecked. Although, manually we can do this, at the same time a single PDF file can be used. Hence, this manual method gets fails for the batch PDF process.

 change password protected pdf to unprotected


The post provides users with an overall idea of how to save protected PDF file as unprotected. Among all the possible ways, we described the most practical ones which actually work. Users can either go through manual techniques and implement them at their own risk. Or simply opt for the convenient utility to unlock PDF document.

1- How to remove password lock from PDF & save it unprotected?

Use the software and remove password lock from the protected PDF document. Once it is done the file will become password free.

2- Why users don’t prefer to unprotect PDF with Google Chrome?

It’s because the Google Chrome method will get fail if the file is protected with print restrictions.

3- Is it possible to save password protected PDF as unprotected on Mac?

Yes, of course, the Mac version of the software is also available, free to download from the main site.