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Batch Convert ICO Files to Multiple Formats Using ICON Converter

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On July 13th, 2022
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

Many users want to convert their ICON files into different formats, but the problem is that they don’t know how? Well, do not worry we are here to provide you one of the best and finest ICON converter.

Before moving on to the solution let’s first discuss about ICON Format…

As a matter of fact, ICON file format refers to an image file format that consists small size computer icon images. It is widely utilized in Microsoft Windows ICO format is actually capable of consisting one or various small images of various sizes and color depths.

Therefore, multiple sizes of the ICO images that allows icons to be scaled appropriately. On Windows operating system, all the icons are ICO format files. And it has been developed a lot after being launched by Microsoft. Also, the latest these images can be 256×256 pixels and consists 24 bits of colors and 8 bit transparency.

Furthermore, there are plenty of third-party applications available that can help you perform this task more easily. That is why, we represent one of Best Image Conversion Software to convert your ICO files into multiple formats.

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What do we know about ICON Converter?

As we have mentioned before, there are plethora of online converters from users can choose from. The real question that arises is that why choose this ICON converter tool? Well there are many reasons why you should opt for this converter software. This tool provides a wide range of saving formats such as JPG, PNG, TEXT, HTML, PDF, GIF, TIFF, WebP, DOC, DOCX and many more.

Other than that, it also preserves the quality of the image and other attributes as well. Users don’t have to worry about their their data being or anything and also supports all the versions of Windows OS.

Any user whether they are from technical background or just simply a home user can utilize this tool without needing any sort of technical guidance.

Moreover, it also comes with several options. Users can also resize their images by simply changing the set height or set width of the pixels.

What Makes this ICON Converter Tool Better than Others?

  • Retains Image Quality:- This ICON converter tool is created with advanced mechanism that helps users to maintain the quality of the image and other attributes before and even after the conversion process.
  • Advanced Options:- Furthermore, this utility also offers password along with restriction option so that you do not have to worry about PDF file security. Simply add your ICO files into software interface to convert your images into various formats in bulk.
  • Compatible with Windows OS:- It works efficiently with all the versions of Windows OS. Regardless of which version the user is currently utilizing for this task. This tool will run on all. It hereby supports all the latest and prior version of Windows.

Key Features of ICO Converter Software

  • With this software, users can easily convert their ICO files into various export formats. That too without facing any issue along the way.
  • Also, this converter software offers users the option to save the resultant data into their desired location. In case if you haven’t chosen any location then the output file will be saved int desktop as default.
  • It also maintains the quality of the image before and even after the conversion operation.
  • Apart from this, it works with all the versions of Windows operating system.
  • The Remove or Remove all option allows users to delete any selected image that users may have added into the software panel mistakenly.
  • With this ICON converter tool users can resize their images by simply changing the Set height or Set Width of the pixel.

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Directions to Use this Application

To convert ICO files to other formats, follow these below mentioned instructions:-

1. To begin, Install and launch this ICON converter software on your system.

icon converter

2. Now, select either Add File or Folder(s) option to add your ICO files into the software interface.

add file or folder

3. With this application allows users to preview their pictures before the conversion procedure into the software panel. Then, hit on the Next button.

next option

4. After that, choose any format of your desire from the export drop down list.

choose any format

5. Nonetheless, users can resize their images by changing the Set Height or Set Width of the pixels.

resize ico images

6. With this software, you can also create PDF for each image or single PDF for all image according to their desire.

create single pdf

7. In the end, hit on the Convert option in order to begin the conversion process.

ico converter

Ending Words

This write up describes all about ICON converter software, along with its functions and key prospects. As a matter of fact, there are multiple advantages of using this converter software. With this application users can convert their images at once without losing their image quality and other attributes related to the image.


By Ashwani Tiwari

I am an Expert Technical Analyst, specialized in assisting users with complex technological challenges. Through my blogs and articles, I offer expert guidance to help tackle these technical issues effectively. My true passion lies in providing valuable insights and simplifying complicated technicalities, enhancing user understanding and confidence.