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How to Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail?

Bella Blackwell ~ Published: February 20, 2023 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: Are you looking for a way to import Hotmail contacts to Gmail account? If so, this article explains how to transfer contacts from Hotmail to your Gmail account. For more information stay with us until the end.

Hotmail is a free email client service that has been around since the mid-90’s. Tech giant Microsoft now owns all rights to Hotmail. Over 300 million users were later transferred to Microsoft Outlook using the same credentials. Hotmail has been discontinued, but users can still import Hotmail contacts into her Gmail.

Gmail is a brand that needs no introduction. Almost everyone has his Gmail account for primary purposes. Therefore, it is clear why transferring Hotmail to Gmail is the first choice of many Hotmail users.

But some users may be confused or don’t know how to import Hotmail contacts to their Gmail. To help you, here we present the latest method. But before that, let’s see why you need to move the Hotmail data file to Gmail.

Reason to Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

Everyone has different reasons for importing Hotmail contacts to Gmail along with emails, calendars, etc. Some of the most important causes are:

  • Backup your Hotmail account
  • Transfer your email account to Gmail
  • For better security and innovative user interface

Now, let’s learn how to quickly transfer a Hotmail contacts file to Google.

How to Transfer Contacts from Hotmail to Gmail?

Basically the process is divided into three steps. It’s true that Hotmail accounts only support contacts saved in CSV file format, not vCard. Therefore, you need to convert your Hotmail contacts file to CSV file first.. Follow the steps in these methods.

Export Hotmail Contacts to CSV Format

  • Open Your  Web browser & sign in to Hotmail.
  • After that click on the People icon to open All contacts tabs.


  • Click the Manage Contacts drop-down menu and select Export Contacts Options.

  • In the Export Contacts window, click Export Contacts.

  • After uploading the file, click Export to Export CSV contacts file.

Automatic Solution to Import Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

XLS Contact to VCF Converter is one Software that you can use to perform the conversion in the right way. With this utility, you can convert multiple CSV files to vCard format with all contact information using this utility. This app is 100% safe as no data will be compromised or corrupted after the conversion process. Apart from this, this tool has another advantage. You can complete the process even if you don’t have it installed on your computer. You can also create a separate VCF file for each Comma-separated value {CSV}, making it an easy-to-manage and highly portable option.

Add Excel file

  • Preview the contact information in CSV and click Next.

Preview all Excel files

  • Next, after mapping the fields, click the Add button. The tool view a list of matching properties. Then Pick the Next button.

map all attributes

  • Click save the output and click the Change button.

search location

  • Select the Convert Option to start the conversion process.

Choose Convert Button

  • Finally View all the converted  VCF file.

save the VCF File

Import Resultant vCard File to Gmail

  • Sign in to your Google Account

  • click on the three dots icon. choose Contacts Option.

  • Thereafter, select the import option.

  • Click “Choose File” and select the vCard generated from your computer.

select file

  • After selecting the converted contacts file, press Import.


  • After selecting the converted contacts file, press Import.


  • The task is completed successfully and you will see the message, which means that everything is finished.
  • Now you can see the imported contacts in your Google mail account.


We have explained how to import Hotmail contacts to Gmail account through this article. Now quickly transfer contacts from Excel to Gmail using the above method. Also try the demo version of the automation software and test all its features for free.