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How to Import Skype Contacts to Outlook in 2020? – Read This

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 16th, 2024
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Summary: Skype is great for online video calling or chatting. However, if you want to import Skype for business contacts to Outlook, it can be extremely daunting at first. In this blog, we will explain to you different methods to import Skype contacts to Outlook.

Skype, an online calling application built by Microsoft enables its registered users to communicate through calls and messages. Skype has strengthened its reputation in the virtual world hence attracting worldwide business owners dealing with this application.

I have been using Skype for all of my business meetings. With time, my list of contacts grew to more than five hundred. Now, I need to transfer this list in MS Outlook but cannot figure out a method. How can I import Skype contacts to Outlook in minimal time or effort?

Are you facing the same issue? If yes, then read this post thoroughly to effectively complete this job.


How to Import Skype for Business Contacts to Outlook?

The best way to achieve this task is to export the Skype contacts into vCard (VCF) format. VCF is a virtual business card file that can be easily shared over various platforms. You need to grab a copy of the contact list information from your current account in .vcf file before you make a switch.

How to create a VCF file from Skype?

1: Launch Skype and sign in to your account.
2: Click on “Contacts” and choose “Advanced”
3: Now, select “Backup contacts to File”
When the window appears for saving the .vcf file, provide a location on your computer system.

You have successfully created a vCard file out of the Skype contacts. But how will you import them into your MS Outlook account?
It’s pretty obvious that you must be having multiple contacts. MS Outlook does not provide you the convenience of importing multiple vCard files at a time. Now, transferring hundreds (or thousands) of contacts manually isn’t the smartest choice and neither is it practical.

Using a third-party application is the only solution & the vCard Importer tool is a savior in such situations. First, you need to convert the data files into PST format and then import them.

Benefits of the Software:

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  • Easily import multiple contacts into Outlook
  • Save contacts in an existing PST file / New PST / MS Outlook Profile
  • Transfer all details of the contacts efficiently

Steps to import Skype for Business Contacts to Outlook:

Step 1: Download & install the tool and click on Add File or Add Folder to load vCard files in the software.

Step 2: VCF files are loaded successfully. Preview the contacts along with all details.

Step 3: Select the export type option: New PST File, Existing MS Outlook PST File, MS Outlook Profile.

Step 4: Hit the Export button and the process will begin.

After this, you simply have to import the resultant PST in Outlook.
1. Launch Outlook & choose the contacts icon on the bottom left panel
2. Click on File>> Open& Export>> Import from another program or file
3. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst)>> Next & provide its location
4. Decide if you want duplicates to be created and click on Next
5. Choose the mailbox to import the items into & click on Finish

Done! You have successfully added Skype contacts to Outlook. Follow the above guideline to successfully execute the task.

You can also perform the same task manually but that would take an enormous amount of time. First of all, you have to export Skype contacts by following the above-given steps. Then, import all of them one by one. This process will take you forever to complete because there are at least hundreds to thousands of contacts to be imported. Hence the reason why an automated tool wins over the manual method.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this software allow me to import all files in a single attempt?

Yes, with the help of the recommended software, users can easily import all skype for business contacts to Outlook in one attempt.

Can I import Skype contacts to Outlook 2016 using this software?

Yes, MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other below versions are all compatible with this tool.

Do I need to install Outlook on my system for this software to work?

You will require to install it only if you are exporting files in an MS Outlook profile. In case you are importing them to an existing PST or a new PST file, Outlook installation is not necessary.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.