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How to Import VCF File to Google Contacts? Effortlessly

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On April 8th, 2024
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Summary: Want to import VCF file to Google Contacts? If so, you have reached your destination. Here, we teach you how to transfer vCard into a Google account. Start reading this blog to learn about the process of quickly uploading files to Google.

Google Contacts is a web address book built into Gmail. It allows you to create, modify, organize, merge, repair, and delete your contacts. vCard is a standard format for importing and exporting contact information between computers, mobile phones, and online programs.

Hi. I’ve been using my Google account for business and email marketing for 5 years. Recently my team created a vCard file with multiple email addresses to send us some business information. But I can’t find a solution to transfer files from vCard to Google account. Can you help me with this?

Google Contacts is compatible with most vCard files. When you import vCard into Google contacts, you can quickly select email recipients from your imported contacts, quickly message the crowd, and keep all your vCard contacts in one place. In this article, we will show you how to import VCF file to Google Contacts.

Manual Method to Import VCF Files to Google Account 

In this section, we will elaborate on the manual procedure briefly to transfer VCF file to Google Contacts for users who are looking for a manual solution to accomplish this task. Let’s look at the same thing. Below are the steps that needs to follow:

  • Log into your Google account on any window Machine.
  • Click the 3 × 3 dotted box in the upper right corner of the screen.


  • Click on the Contacts button.


  • Hit on the import option. 


  • Press the Select VCF file to transfer the vCard contacts file to your System.


  • Click on the “Import” button.

Shortcomings of Using Manual Solution?

This section is related to the manual limitations, you will see what kind of errors and issues users face while attempting this task manually.  There are some limitations to the manual solution as users will face many issues. Some of them are mentioned here:

The above-mentioned manual method described is only useful for users if they have fewer emails. Users can move it by spending a lot of time. Furthermore, manual methods cannot provide 100% accurate results. For non-technical users, we do not suggest going with the manual procedure.

Only technical users can understand this manual procedure very clearly. However, in the case of non-technical people, it can cause confusion. Users may not have enough knowledge on this topic. So in this case, the automatic method can help users to import VCF file to Google Contacts.

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Import vCard File to Google Contacts – Direct Solution

If the user wants to move the vCard to google contacts, it is better to use a professional solution to perform this task. PCVITA vCard Converter Software is the best solution for professional and non-professional users. This will help users easily add VCF file to Google Contacts (CSV) format without getting in the way of untouched data. Users can also move files in batches at one time, saving a lot of time.

Working of the Software

  • Step 1. First, Launch the Software on any Windows Machine.

vCard to CSV

  • Step 2. Add VCF or vCard files Using dual file Selection Modes.
  • Step 3. Click the radio button for Google CSV and press the browse button.
  • Step 4. Select the “OK” button in the software user interface.
  • Step 5. Click the Export button to move vCard to google CSV format.

Transfer VCF File to Google Contacts – Know the Main Advantages of Software

  • Easy to Use – Import the vCard file to Google with just a few clicks. The trial version of the software is completely free, which means that you can use it as often as you want without incurring any costs. Using it is not difficult, so all you need to do is load the vCard file into the utility and you will move the VCF to Google’s CSV format.
  • Save Your Precious Time – This tool is invaluable. You can import VCF file to Google contacts CSV format instantly and efficiently. Fast, secure, and error-free. No additional installation is required.
  • Best Quality – It offers the option to sort all contacts stored in a vCard file. Users can sort everything by date, size, or alphabetical order, etc., as desired. This feature enables users to easily manage all contacts and move vCard to CSV format. Our one-stop software makes this one of its main highlights.
  • Completely Safe – It’s an easy-to-understood tool. This utility requires no additional information and you can easily use it anytime anywhere. It is uncomplicated that even beginners can use it.
  • Windows Support – This software can be used with any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Therefore, it can be quickly installed on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

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This blog covers all the reasons to import VCF file to Google contacts. The manual method is also explained in this blog. It does the job of converting but has some drawbacks. Therefore, the user is advised to use automation tools effectively so that he can perform this conversion task very easily and even keep the data integrity all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do we open VCF in Google Contacts?

Ans – VCF file format is the common format to store the contact details. It can be opened up in the Google contacts easily.

Q2. How do I import my VCF into Google Contacts?

Ans – To import VCF file to the Google Contacts follow the below steps:-

  • Step 1. Open the Google Contacts App.
  • Step 2. Choose the import option.
  • Step 3. Hit on the Select File and add VCF file and then OK.

Q3. Is it possible to convert VCF to CSV?

Ans – Yes, by using the above-explained automated tool. You can convert VCF to CSV.

Q4. What to do to transfer VCF file to Google Contacts in bulk?

Ans – Convert them to the CSV file and then upload to the Google Contacts.