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Merge Two Outlook Profiles in an Evident Way

Lindsey Smith ~ Published: November 16, 2021 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Hey there, if you are looking for a solution to a query like “merge two Outlook profiles”, or “merge two email accounts” then read the given article and find the right solution.

Users have more than one Outlook profile. It can be in the same Outlook app or it can be in two different systems.

User opts manual method i.e. Synchronizing Outlook profiles to merge into one Outlook account. Syncing is the best option when the user wants to merge the whole data of an account.

But what if the user wants to merge the Outlook Profile data including contacts or emails of some specific dates.

In these types of cases, synchronizing can’t help you. It’s going to increase your amount of work and mismanage the data of the Outlook profiles.

User’s Query – “Merge Two Outlook Profiles”

Hello, I have two Outlook profiles on different laptops, and one of the accounts I created in March 2021. I am looking for a solution using which I can merge my old account data into new that too from a certain date range i.e. March 2021 to November 2021. Is there any feasible way to solve this issue? Thank you in advance – Charles Bates, UK.

With the given user’s query, we can understand that there are cases where synching is not an option.
Other than configuring two accounts into one, there is no manual method that you can use to merge two Outlook profiles.
But it’s not impossible to do so. There are professional ways where users can combine two profiles.
Yet the question arises here,
There is plenty of software or tools in the market, how to find the right one?
The wisest way to choose the appropriate solution is to avail of its demo version.

Benefits of Using Professional Tool

Here, I am suggesting you use the certified PST Merger Tool
This application provides you with different options like

  • Add different files(s) and folders and merge them file/folder-wise.
  • Auto-detect Outlook profiles give you the option to select which profile you want to merge.
  • Select the specific items you need in your PST file.
  • Set Date range filter from the beginning and end.
  • The tool also detects deleted emails and others, so if you want to exclude deleted items you can.
  • The duplicate items option is here. Plays an important role in case you have a PST file(s) or contacts, the app can remove all duplicates from it.
  • Manage the size of the file(s): you can split oversized PST files into different sizes.
  • The application can support any version of Outlook and Windows, later or prior.
  • On top of all, you can try a demo of the app to merge two Outlook profiles PST files.

Besides this, the utility offers several amenities to its users so that they can work in a hassle-free manner.

Steps to Merge Two Outlook Profiles

First, export PST files from your Outlook to merge into another Outlook profile.

Export PST files from Outlook

If you don’t know how to export PST files, follow the given steps:

  • Run Microsoft Outlook Application >> hit no File,
  • Now, press on Open & Export >> then, Import & Export,
  • Select Export to a file option
  • Hit on Outlook data file (.pst) >> click on Export file folder >> Finish

How to Use Tool

After that, close all running things regarding Outlook, and:

  • Download and Run the tool

first page of the PST merge tool

  • Go on Add folder/file(s)

add file(s)/folders

  • Set Merge option >> & Next

set merge option

  • Then, hit merge all folder/selected folders

merge selected folders

  • Set Merge in Outlook profile >> select the profile >> Next

select Outlook profile

  • Select item type, fill date range, and split file size.

select item, date, etc.

  • Hit on Skip Duplicate item >> Next

select duplicate

  • Merging is in process.

process complete

After process completion, a prompt appears about the merge report, save it and check the location. A report will be generated by the utility that shows you the result of the export and failure report.

The Verge

I hope you will understand the difference between merge and sync accounts. And what exactly do you need to do. Given tool can also merge password-protected PST files. Use the easiest way to merge two Outlook profiles and maintain your account properly. No limit in file size, your file can be in MB/GB, the app undoubtedly merges it and supports it.