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Best Way to Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 – In Less Than 10 Minutes

Aisha ~ Published: July 28, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you are still looking for a trusted solution that will help you to migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account with complete security. Then this article will walk you through the step-by-step process to transfer Amazon WorkMail account data to MS Office 365 account. In many situations, we are required to migrate multiple AWS WorkMail accounts into Office 365 accounts, but manually configuring each account into Office 365 takes a long time.

Moreover, this migration is not a one-day task to perform, and without affecting the work of other users need an automatic or instant solution that enables them to migrate multiple AWS accounts to Office 365 accounts with complete mailbox data.

Don’t worry about the migration anymore, as you can find an ideal method to migrate emails from AWS WorkMail to Microsoft Outlook 365 account here.

Why do We Need to Transfer AWS WorkMail to Office 365 Out of a Sudden?

There are plenty of reasons and situations where a user or firm needed to migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account. Some of the common reasons we mentioned below:

  • With the recent expansion of Office 365, Microsoft has added Skype for Business and Cloud PBX capabilities.
  • Microsoft Office 365 comes with a complete pack of online versions of MS Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on.
  • In O365, the file size restriction of the email message is 150 MB.
  • Moreover, MS Office 365 offers unlimited Online meetings, IM, audio, HD video, and web conferencing.
  • Microsoft Office 365 provides corporate social network facility and work management tools.

However, there are unlimited benefits and features that only Microsoft Office 365 provided for its users. There are more than facilities and services that MS Office 365 provides you that no other email client can provide you.

Best Approach to Migrate AWS WorkMail Data to Office 365 Account?

Free Download IMAP to Office 365 Migrator on your operating system which is a robust solution to migrate/transfer email data from AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account. This is a completely automatic tech approach that asks only your account details for completion of the migration. The best part of this utility is, it is available with a free demo edition which permits to transfer a few emails from each folder between both the email source.

Download Now Purchase Now

The freeware version of this IMAP to Office 365 migrator is helpful for users for testing the software before making the purchase of the tool’s license key. The best option you can choose for Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account is right in front of you. Without waiting any more, you just need to follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to start the transferring emails process.

Steps to Transfer Bulk Emails from Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 Account

1. Free download this AWS WorkMail to Office 365 migration tool. And select the IMAP option from the source platform section. And Choose the Destination platform as well which is Office 365. You can also select workload selection options like Email and Date filter.

select the required options as per your need
2. Choose your preferred IMAP Server from the drop-down menu. In case you’re using a different IMAP server, click Other.

Important Note: In the case of G Suite / Zoho Mail or Office 365 as your IMAP Server, the tool will automatically enter the URL and port number. In the case of Other IMAP Server, you must enter these details.

select the Office 365 account
3. Click on the Validate button after entering the Destination Admin Email and Application ID.

enter office 265 credentials destination
4. Finally, start importing the account data to begin the process of Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account.

start migration of AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account

5. You can also Download Report of Migration Summary Report and Detailed Report from this professional Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 migration tool.

transfer Amazon WorkMail to Office 365

Why do Users Switch from Office 365 to Amazon WorkMail?

The migration of this technique has a number of causes. Let’s take a closer look to know what are the reasons of Migrate AWS WorkMail to Office 365 account:

  • Since Microsoft dominates the IT industry, most users always choose to utilize Microsoft products over those from other companies.
  • Some people desire to transfer from Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 since MS Office has a few more functions than Amazon WorkMail.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 are all natively supported by Office 365. Amazon WorkMail also offers native support for Outlook, although it does not support POP3 and IMAP.
  • The fact that MS Office and Amazon WorkMail have different user interfaces may potentially be a factor in the transfer of WorkMail to Office 365.


In a nutshell, this blog provides information on how to import Amazon WorkMail to Office 365. The Amazon WorkMail to Office 365 Converter is available for free with a cap that allows for the migration of emails from each WorkMail folder to Office 365. Users may fully satisfy themselves with the free demo edition. Before purchasing its license key for an affordable price to transfer an infinite number of emails.