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Migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace Step-by-Step Process

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 9th, 2022
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Google changed the name of its business productivity offering from G Suite to Google Workspace. Now all of the productivity services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Meet, Google Drive, and many others fall under the umbrella of Google Workspace.

Although sometimes users have the need to migrate data from the Google Workspace account. Since Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity solution, it becomes a complex task to migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace. Here, we will present a detailed discussion about some useful methods to migrate Google Workspace data. 

But first, let’s look at why one might need to transfer Google Workspace data.

Why Migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace?

There might be a host of different reasons for performing this migration. Some of these reasons include:

  • To transfer the data of an employee who has decided to leave the company in another Google Workspace account. This would save crucial data and also save the licensing cost.
  • An employee might have to share some data with another employee while working on the same project. This can improve collaboration between employees and make the work a lot faster.
  • When an organization changes its domain name, it becomes absolutely compulsory for them to transfer data between Google Workspace accounts. 
  • Migrating data can be seen as an efficient way to share information between two organizations when they are collaborating on a particular project.

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How to Transfer Data Between Google Workspace Accounts? Some Solutions

This article will provide you with the two best solutions to the migration problem of Google Workspace. 

  1. An automated professional approach.
  2. Using GAC Data Migration Services.

Let’s start with the easier and more convenient solution, the automated approach.

Solution 1: With a Professional Utility

We suggest using the Google Workspace Migration Tool. This software is tried and tested utility. It is proven to be faster and more efficient than any other solution present.

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Why This Software is a More Suitable Approach?

The features of this tool make it the best possible solution for migration.

  • Use the filter options(Date- Range and Category) to migrate only the desired data.
  • This tool can help the user perform simultaneous migration of different user accounts as well as data items such as Emails, Contacts, Calendar data, Documents, etc.
  • There is an option in the software which lets the user resume the migration process without any duplicity of data in case of connection loss or any other adversity.
  • After choosing the Google Workspace accounts for migration, users can set priority to the accounts to set an order to migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace accounts.
  • The tool provides multiple options to perform user account mapping for source and destination Google Workspace. The options are Fetch Users and Import Users.
  • After completing the migration, the user can download the report from the software. The reports are of two types: Summary Report and Detailed Report.

Steps to Migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace

1. Install the software on your system.

2. Mark G Suite as the source and destination on the Setup screen.Start screen

3. Now, move to Workload selection. Select the desired category of data items like Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents. Then, apply the date filter for every data item separately to transfer data between Google Workspace accounts.login

4. Move to the Source tab. Provide all the required details for the source account and click on Validate to grant the proper permissions.enter domains

Repeat the same on the Destination tab.

5. Now, choose any of the given options to map the user accounts for migration.start the migration

6. Once the mapping is complete, set priority to the accounts you want to migrate first and Validate the permissions. Now, push Start Migration.login

Solution 2: Migrate Google Workspace to Another Workspace Using GAC

The Google Admin Console(GAC) is a useful service that helps the admin to keep an eye on every aspect of the Google Workspace services. Google sensed the unavailability of solutions for migrating Google Workspace data and introduced its own Data Migration Service to tackle the problem. 

This service is offered as an option inside the GAC itself. Hence, only admins have the access to it. Although this service is offered by Google itself, it still proves to be insufficient to migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace due to its shortcomings.

Some limitations of using the Google Data Migration Service are:

  • This is a time-consuming and lethargic process. It can take hours and sometimes days for migrating the data.
  • This process only migrates emails and ignores other data items. Because of this, users would have to migrate other categories of data items like Documents, Calendars, and Contacts using a different process.
  • In case of a connection loss or any other adversity, users would have to restart the migration process which creates the fear of data duplicity when the user has to migrate Google Workspace to another Workspace.
  • Each user account has to be added separately for the migration procedure.
  • The data stored in the Google Drive of the Google Workspace account is not migrated using the Data Migration Services.
  • The process becomes unnecessarily long when the Google Data Migration Service is employed to migrate Google Workspace data.

Steps to Transfer Data Between Google Workspace Accounts Using GAC

  1. Login into the GAC with admin credentials and from the home screen, open Data Migration.
  2. On the next screen, you can choose the workload type from the options(Email, Calendars, and Contacts). You can only migrate one type of data item at a time. You would have to repeat the whole process to migrate other data items. Click Continue.
  3. Here, select the Migration Source as G Suite. We suggest keeping the Connection Protocol as Auto Select(Recommended). Then provide the credentials of the Google Workspace account to migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace.
  4. Provide the desired Migration Start Date. This means the service will migrate only the emails that were received after that particular date.
  5. Also, choose whether you want to Migrate Deleted emails or junk emails from the options under Migration Options.
  6. Now, the user can choose to migrate a single user or multiple users. The process is different for both but here we will talk about migrating multiple users only.
  7. Next, create a CSV file with the following information – Source ID, Source Password, and Destination ID.
  8. Now the user is required to import this CSV file using the Attach File button and then click the Upload And Start Migration.
  9. The progress of the migration can be monitored from the GAC itself.

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The Data Migration Service issued by Google to migrate Google Workspace to Google Workspace proves to be ineffective in many use cases. The limitations of this process are too many to be overlooked. This is why the above-introduced tool for migrating Google Workspace data is the most effective and reliable option. This tool is suitable for all use cases and proves to be useful in all migration scenarios.