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How to Import PST Files to G Suite (Google Workspace)

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On March 21st, 2024
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Summary: This write-up provides detailed solutions to the challenge of migrating PST when switching email clients, specifically moving from Microsoft Outlook to G Suite (Google Workspace). It outlines two methods to import PST files into Google Workspace (G Suite). The first method is using the GSMMO (G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook) utility. The second method introduces a tool for migrating PST files to G Suite. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents:

  1. Method 1-Import PST to Google Workspace [G Suite] Via. GSMMO
  2. Limitations of Using GWMMO
  3. Method 2-Import PST to G Suite Without Outlook Application
  4. Steps Guide for PST to G Suite Migration
  5. Concluding Thoughts
  6. FAQs

Switching the email clients brings responsibility for migrating the old data too in a new mail application. And, the same condition is faced by users when they move from Microsoft Outlook to G Suite account. However, by doing this, users can read .pst files in Gmail free account and G Suite account too. So, let’s discuss the way to import Outlook data PST files to a Google Mail account within clicks.

Top 2 Methods to Import PST Files to G Suite / Google Workspace Account

Whenever we consider the migration to G Suite from Microsoft Outlook, two conditions come into existence. The very first situation is when a user only has a PST (Personal Storage Table) file in the system and no Outlook installation on the PC. And, the second instance is when the user has Outlook in the system and wants to import its data into G Suite. Here, we will consider both the circumstances and provide a solution according to it.

# Method 1: Import PST to Google Workspace / G Suite Via. GSMMO Utility

You can also try G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool to Upload Outlook PST files to G Suite. It is a utility provided by Google to migrate Outlook data to the desired Google Workspace account. Moreover, it has a pre-requisite that it requires Outlook installation in the system for its work.

Since it is a manual approach, we have to follow a checklist before getting into the real migration process. Check out below migration checklist below to ensure a safe data transfer. 

Step 1: Set Up User Accounts in Google Workspace

Create accounts for your users on Google Workspace, ensuring their aliases from the old Exchange server are replicated. Additionally, form groups that mirror your previous mailing lists. Explore ‘Adding an account for a new user’ for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Enable Smart Features & Personalization

Before data migration, determine if you want to utilize smart features in Gmail, Google Chat, Meet, and other Google tools that personalize based on data from these platforms. To activate functionalities like auto sorting in Gmail, enable smart features and personalization in the target account before transferring data. Learn more about enabling these features.

Step 3: Migrate Shared Contacts (Optional) 

Optionally synchronize your organization’s shared contacts with Google Workspace via Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) before your users move their data. This synchronization grants immediate access to your organization’s complete address list. For information on syncing contacts, refer to Google Cloud Directory Sync.

Step 4: Now You have to Install GWMMO

Users should make sure that only one instance of GWMMO is active per user account to avoid complications during the migration of PST files to Google Workspace.

This means that a user is restricted to using just one instance of GWMMO at a time. If a user wants to run multiple instances simultaneously or log in from different devices, it can result in access issues or conflicts within the migration process.

You have two options to do this:

  • Option 1: Push an MSI file to your users
  • Option 2: Let your users download & install GWMMO themselves

 Step 5: Instruct users to import their data

Follow the below steps to import PST to Google Workspace using GWMMO.

  • Step 1. Download & install GWMMO.
  • Step 2. Sign in & Set up Google Workspace.
  • Step 3. Choose Outlook PST Data to Import.
  • Step 4. Start Importing Data to G Suite.
  • Step 5. Monitor Complete Migration.

To get an in-depth description of the GSMMO tool, go through this article – What is G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook?

Limitations of Using GWMMO to Import PST to Google Workspace 

  • While importing large PST files to Google Workspace, you can encounter issues such as failed and unknown errors. As there are restrictions on the size of PST files. 
  • GWMMO does not support older Outlook versions or non-standard PST configurations. 
  • There is no guarantee of data integrity, furthermore, elements in emails or calendars might not transfer accurately.
  • The manual method does not provide a defined timeline, as the migration times are based on factors like file size and network speed.
  • PSTs with intricate folder setups might face migration difficulties.

#Method 2: Import PST to G Suite Without Outlook Application

In the following segment, we consider the first scenario where we will migrate Outlook PST to G Suite without its supporting application. For this, the PCVITA PST Importer will work best. An adept and easy-to-use utility to successfully transfer data from PST file to desired G Suite account without taking the help of Outlook application. It lets you import from one or more .pst files to multiple G Suite users’ accounts in a single attempt.

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Moreover, the tool supports data migration into all G Suite Plans, including G Suite Basic, G Suite for Enterprise, G Suite for Business, G Suite for Education, and G Suite Enterprise for Education Plans. The best thing is that the procedure completes within clicks and takes minimum time to upload PST files to the G Suite account.

Let’s understand all the mentioned steps in a detailed manner.

Step-By-Step PST to G Suite Migration Guide With Pictorial Representation

  • Step 1. Select Outlook and G Suite [Google Workspace] in respective Source and Destination.
    provide source and destination to import PST to Google Workspace
  • Step 2. Select the category to migrate as needed, and apply category and apply date range filter
  • Step 3. Select PST files after browsing and select the folder “E:/PST/” into our tool as “Import Folder Path“. After that, validate certain permissions, and click Next.
    allow validations and permissions and click next
  • Step 4. Provide Admin details and Application ID of the Google Workspace. Then Validate, and Click Next.
    provide details, then validate and allow permissions and click next
  • Step 5. Now, you will see different options like Fetch Users, Import Users, and Download Template.
    Fetch Users: This will automatically fetch users from the source.
    Import Users: This will import users through CSV.
    Download Template: This downloads a template to be used as a sample for creating a CSV file.
    software different importing features
  • Step 6. Finally, Click on the Start Import button, and your Outlook PST to G Suite (Google Workspace)
    select start import to import pst to workspace (g-suite)

What’s More – Above all functionalities, the tool can do the following things too.

  • Facility to Export Outlook Calendar Items to Google Calendar.
  • Import Outlook PST Contacts to desired G Suite plan
  • Able to provide facility for Incremental Data Migration.
  • Multiple Filters for Outlook Email Attachment File
  • Support PST file of Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007
  • Easily Set Up on all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Last Note!!

That’s all about – how to import PST to Google Workspace Via. different methods. These solutions are 100 % working and result-oriented. So, read this article while switching from Outlook PST to G Suite account and opt for the best solution to import the data.

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Q1. How to Import PST to G Suite Accounts without any technical knowledge?

A. – If you do not have any technical familiarity then you can follow these 5 Quick Steps to perform the same.

  • Step 1. Choose Outlook and G Suite Platforms.
  • Step 2. Select Data Items of PST file to Import.
  • Step 3. Set the PST File Path in the Software.
  • Step 4. Input G Suite Credentials and Validate.
  • Step 5. Select User IDs and Hit Start Restore.

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