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How to Resolve the Issue Outlook Junk Mail Going to Inbox?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On February 22nd, 2023
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The bothersome aspect of having a digital mailbox is spam. If you’re wondering how to block Outlook junk mail from entering your inbox. This article will help you stop Outlook junk mail going to Inbox,

A lot of Outlook users (users of and linked free accounts and/or hosted domains hosted by Microsoft) stated that their inboxes were virtually drowning in spam emails in February 2023 because spam email filters were broken. It entails that all previously marked emails as spam begin showing up in your inboxes alongside legitimate messages.

Here are some user queries that we have seen:

“Today when I woke up, I found that there are more than 20 garbage messages in my main Inbox in Outlook, and spam emails have continued to arrive hourly today.

“In my Outlook inbox, it has 30 junk emails past two hours. That has been going on for far too long, and it simply keeps getting worse every hour.,”

outlook junk mail going to inbox

Several Outlook users who have reported the problem of “Outlook junk mail going to inbox” on social media and the Microsoft Community page have confirmed that it is still an issue. In a matter of hours, some users claim they received dozens of spam emails in their inboxes.

Microsoft customers who depend on the platform for their email communication are gravely concerned about the faulty email filters in Outlook. Although the organisation hasn’t acknowledged the problem, customers can take precautions by being watchful and reporting any questionable emails they receive. In the interim, Microsoft must act fast to address this issue in order to restore the credibility of the spam filters and win back user confidence.

Issue Outlook Junk Mail Going to Inbox In Microsoft

According to other sources, hundreds of problems have been reported during the past several hours; last month, outages prevented thousands of customers from using Teams or Outlook worldwide.

Subsequently, it seemed that a technological issue was to blame for Microsoft’s spam filters not functioning. According to reports, because email spam filters are currently failing. An increasing number of Microsoft users have reported that their Outlook inboxes have been inundated with spam emails recently.

By selecting the “Only trust email from addresses in my Safe Senders and domains list and Safe mailing lists” checkbox in Junk Mail > Filters, some users have attempted to resolve the problem. It seems, nevertheless, that this fix is ineffective, proving that the webmail service’s filtering is wholly ineffective.

Quick Tip: Well, like this error, there can be several other small errors can occur in near future. For that, it becomes important to know some of the common issues and techniques to Fix Common Outlook Errors and Issues.

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What Could be Done to Avoid This Issue Outlook Junk Mail Going to Inbox?

Well below mentioned are some points which can be used to lower the incoming spam mail. This would help users to decrease the number of spam emails showing up in their Inboxes.

  • Don’t Reply to Spam Emails.
  • Avoid sharing Your Email Address to unnecessary sites.
  • Report Junk Emails.
  • Unsubscribe from Promotional Emails.

How We Can Adjust Outlook Settings to Block/Stop Junk Mail?

Microsoft Outlook’s mail filter can be set up to offer various degrees of protection from spam emails and can help to stop outlook junk mail going to Inbox. Outlook’s Settings tab gives access to the email filter settings. After that, you must:

  1. Open View all Outlook settings.
  2. Then Go to the Mail tab.
  3. Now, click the Junk mail option in the list.
  4. Select the Block attachments, links and pictures from anyone not in my Safe senders and domains list option in the Filters section.

The setting will reduce the volume of emails you get from illegitimate sources. It reduces spam emails, which typically include these components.

A stricter setting might lessen the number of spam emails that end up in your inbox, but it might also filter out emails that you wish to receive. There is a chance that crucial communications from coworkers and business partners will go missing. Below is a brief explanation of the variations between the filter’s normal and exclusive settings.

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Here, we have explained why Outlook junk mail going to inbox. The situation is that all previously marked mails as spam begin showing up in your inboxes, due to some technical fault in the spam mail. Till now, the issue has been addressed by several Outlook users through their social channels and other resources. To draw the attention of the Microsoft team towards this issue and fix it. However, we have tried to explain some common steps that can be used to lower or reduce the issue. Check out those.