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How to Print Email From Gmail on Mac Using Best Methods?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On December 27th, 2023
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You can do many things with your Mac when you print email from Gmail on Mac. Learning how to print emails makes digital communication something you can hold in your hands, whether it’s for archiving significant conversations, making physical reminders, or just having a hard copy at your disposal.

Let’s explore the easy ways to convert your electronic messages into physical documents using different methods.

Why it is Required to Print Email From Gmail on Mac?

As we know some Organizations and Legal Authorities are required to take print of the email or attachments to keep it as a physical record or use them as a document. Other than that, printed emails from Gmail on a Mac or Windows OS turn your online correspondence into physical, readable documents. Important messages can be greatly benefited from having a physical copy for record-keeping, reference, or sentimental reasons.

You can easily convert your virtual conversations into physical records by learning these simple techniques in Gmail and your web browser. This will allow you to leverage the power of paper in the digital age.

Use the Effective Way to Print Multiple Emails From Gmail Account

We have seen that people with a single Gmail account have less difficulty than people with multiple accounts. Printing emails from several Gmail accounts takes an ample amount of time. Hence, a simple way to print all emails from multiple Gmail accounts is using the Most Effective Mac Gmail Backup which is also available for Windows OS and provides the Print option to take the printouts. It also offers the facility to take backup and Export Gmail to PST, PDF, MSG, MHT, EML, MBOX, CSV etc.

  1. First, install the expert tool on your computer by downloading it. Next, log in using the legitimate Gmail credentials to save and print email from Gmail on Mac.print email from gmail on mac
  2. Next, select the Export type to print and backup as well.use advanced settings
  3. Now in Advanced settings, you can apply/change the General Settings, Page Layouts, Add Bates Number, and Attachments Settingapply required settings
  4. Select the desired location now to save and print Gmail emails instantly. Finally, press the Start Backup button to carry out the backup and print email from Gmail on Mac.

Note: Make sure you connect your printers with your Mac system before you press the Start button to print the Gmail emails.

print email from gmail on mac

Using “Gmail’s Print Option” to Print Email From Gmail on Mac OS

In case a user is required to get a few physical documents of email from a Gmail account, they can simply accomplish it by considering the manual method. Which is accessing each email, and taking the prints of the mail or the attachment. To make it clear let’s understand the process by following the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Launch Gmail and Go to Email: On your Mac, sign in to your Gmail account using your favourite web browser. To print a specific email, open it.
  2. Open Gmail and select the Print option: Find the “Print” option in the email. The printer icon typically appears among the email action buttons, close to the upper-right corner of the email.
    To begin the printing process, click the “Print” icon.
  3. Adapt Printing Parameters: The print dialogue box for Gmail will open. Before printing, you can make changes here.
    Make sure you have chosen the appropriate printer from the drop-down menu located next to “Destination.”
    As necessary, adjust the layout, paper size, margins, and colour selections among the other settings.
  4. Print this email: To begin printing the email after you’ve adjusted the preferences, click the “Print” button in the Gmail print dialogue box.

Additional Tips:

  • Make sure your printer is correctly connected and set up with your Mac before attempting to print.
  • Check for any browser extensions or settings that might affect printing if you encounter issues.

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Printing emails from Gmail on your Mac transforms your digital communication into tangible, accessible documents. Whether it’s for record-keeping, reference, or sentimental value, having a physical copy of important messages can be invaluable. By using these straightforward methods, you’ll effortlessly print email from Gmail on Mac, enabling you to harness the power of paper in the digital age. Remember, this simple process can be an invaluable tool in organizing and preserving vital information, making your Gmail experience even more versatile and practical.