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Use Top 2 Best Ways to Print an Entire Email Thread in Gmail

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On November 9th, 2023
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

Are you unable to print Gmail thread? If yes, then don’t worry in this write-up you will get the complete information to print an entire email thread in Gmail using a manual and professional solution with all the information.

Many times, it happens when we want to save an Entire Email Thread in Gmail for many professional and personal work. but we don’t know the methods.

It is not obvious where to look for the option to store an email (or a whole thread) locally, despite the fact that the majority of Gmail’s capabilities are quite simple to use. In this walkthrough, we’ll go through the steps you need to save and print Gmail conversation.

Manual Methods to Print an Entire Email Thread in Gmail

  1. Go to your Gmail account and open the required email that you want to print.

    Gmail account

  2. Now hit the “Printer” icon from the top corner.


  3. After that, a new window will open, and choose the destination as the “Save as PDF” option.


  4. Lastly, select the required location to save and print Gmail thread.

    print Gmail thread

The manual techniques are simple, but as expected, they have certain drawbacks, such as the fact that they require a significant amount of time. In addition, users are unable to print numerous email threads at the same time. Users are required to go through the procedure many times for each individual email thread on Gmail.

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The Quick and Best Method to Print Gmail Thread at Once

For the printing of an infinite number of emails, the Gmail Backup solution comes very highly recommended by industry professionals. The software is equipped with a wide variety of cutting-edge features and capabilities, including the ability to print a whole email thread in Gmail all at once. Users are able to quickly print numerous email threads at the same time, and there are no constraints on the file size.

Additionally, users have the option to print individual emails from inside Gmail. Demo versions of the tool are available to all users so that they may get a feel for how the product functions. The following is a list of the incredible characteristics that are included:

Why Choose Professional Method over Manual Methods?

  • The software allows users to print Gmail threads in bulk without any file size restriction, also users can print selected emails as per their requirements.
  • Users can print emails from all folders of Gmail including Inbox, Sent, Trash, Important, Bin, and other created labels.
  • The solution print Gmail thread with attachments and details including the header of the email (Bcc, To, Cc, From, Date, Subject, etc) and email body (Formatting, Inline, attachments, images, etc).
  • This utility has a very simple and easy-to-use interface for all technical and non-technical users.
  • Also, users can install the software on any Windows OS including Windows 11, 10, 8, and all previous versions.
  • The solution provides multiple advanced filter options to print specific Gmail threads via date range.

Quick-Step Solution to Backup and Print Gmail Messages

  1. Install the tool and enter the login details.
  2. Choose the export type and Email as a category to export.
  3. Browse the Folder location to save and Print Gmail Threads
  4. Apply filters and press the Start button to begin the process.

Steps to Save And Print Gmail Conversation

Important Note: You may print a limited number of emails with the free version of this application; if you want to print an infinite number of emails, you will need to buy the licensed version.

  1. Download and activate the tool using the download buttons to export Gmail emails to PDF.

    print Gmail thread

  2. Now enter the login details of your Gmail account like email address and app password.

    Gmail account

  3. After that, select the file format as “PDF” from the appearing list.

    file format

  4. and apply the filter option and enable the “Save as Attachments on Disk” option.

    filter option

  5. Then, choose the required category data that you want to print Gmail thread.

    required data

  6. Next, use the Browse option to set the location to save the printed emails.


  7. Lastly, hit the “Backup” icon to print Gmail conversation.

    print Gmail thread at once

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Time to Say Goodbye

In the last section, we discussed the method to print Gmail thread at once, both manually and via a professional solution. As is common knowledge, manual approaches often come with their fair share of drawbacks and constraints. However, the most effective method is to hire an expert since they only provide higher features. This application is accessible to a wide variety of users. Therefore, go to the link provided and download the free version of the utility and print Gmail conversation which is required.


Q1. How do I print an entire email thread in Gmail using the best solution? 

You can simply use Gmail account to select the mail and save it as PDF. Other than this you can go with the automated utility which we have discussed in this post.

Q2. Does the software provide other formats to save Gmail messages?

Yes, the tool offers multiple options to back up your files and export them in any format like PST, PDF, MSG, EML, and MBOX.

Q3. Using this tool does it take time to backup and print email threads in Gmail?

It totally depends on what is the size of the data that is being backed up and what’s the internet speed that the user have.